Linux Tutorial Series – 144 – Mounting and unmounting

SharePoint 2013 Development – Managing Document Versions by Shredded Storage Feature

Understanding Document Versions & Why is it important? How many times do you edit a document? How many versions of a document are created when a document moves through the workflow or content development stages?

Ten Steps to Identifying Inventory You Can Reduce Now

Many articles on “How to Reduce Inventory” are long on theory and short on action items. Here’s one that’s not.

The Rising Trend Of Android App Development

Mobile device users all around the globe have been dazzled by Android based smartphones. With the surging popularity of smartphones, demand for customers seeking Android applications is also increasing. This has paved the way for developers to carry out Android App Development.

All You Need To Know About Online Technical Support

Online Technical Support is the new age solution to all technical issues related to computers, laptops, router or other computer peripherals. It is necessary to understand what, exactly, is an online technical support and how it works. Here is the list of frequently asked questions related to tech support.

73 Percent of Incoming Correspondence Is Paper-Based – Could a Digital Mailroom Help Your Business?

“A number of today’s businesses are now paperless by default at account inception, and some may even demand payment for printed versions of bills and statements.” This was a comment in an article posted by Document Media last week revealing that the move to paperless transactions is definitely growing. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that much of the communication in the business world is still received in paper format – we recently commented that this figure is 73 percent of documents received, with 62 percent coming through the post and 11 percent arriving as faxes.

Can Adobe Creative Cloud Unleash Your Inner Web Designer?

Adobe’s Creative Cloud has certainly heated up opinions amongst the ‘pro’ user community, with many pros refusing to take up the service. But is Creative Cloud terrible or just a bit misunderstood?

Export Lotus Notes 8 Email To Outlook: Related Queries Answered

This article overviews the need of migrating from Notes emailing platform to Outlook and how should a user proceed for export Lotus Notes 8 email to Outlook process. This section also highlights the qualities one should look out in solution to convert NSF file to PST file format.

Problem Solving With Free and Open Source Software

Resoling common software needs with free and open source software. Covers both open source and closed source applications.

How to Install Linux Mint in to a Virtual Environment

Instructions on configuring VMWare and Linux Mint in a virtual environment. Utilizes Linux Mint 15 for all installation instructions and VMWare Player. All software required is free.

Project Planning: Before And After The Planning Software

In the information age, firms used to manage their projects manually which was time consuming. Due to advent of technology, firms have started using different kinds of software or applications which manage their resources and projects easily.

Three Important Features of an Automated Virtual Receptionist

In the healthcare industry, patients and doctors constantly need to communicate. Your facility may offer the best healthcare service in town, or probably the lowest prices, but appearing disorganized and unprofessional every time a patient walks in or calls in can ruin your facility’s reputation. However, having an efficient and professional receptionist can improve a business’ service and credibility, and this is something that an automated virtual receptionist can do.

Holistic Unified User Experience Assurance

With the proliferation of composite applications for cloud and mobility, monitoring individual components of the application delivery chain is no longer an effective way to assure user experience. IT organizations must evolve toward a holistic, unified, and more collaborative methodology based on a service-delivery principle that is more aligned with corporate strategy.

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