Linux Tutorial Series – 150 – Review

World’s First 3D Prototype Room

In the world of 3D modeling, creating stunning prototype of various products, buildings, or even clothing has become the norm among serious professionals. 3D printing technology has advanced so far in recent years that many artist have begun using the technology to push the envelope in their various fields. Two such innovators are notable architects Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer.

Common Myths and Misconceptions Associated With Big Data

Big Data is a buzzword these days. But there are businesses still struggling to shift from concept to execution when it comes to Big Data. Let’s understand some of the misconceptions which surround Big Data.

Online Projects Let Your Company Go To The Next Level

One of the reasons why companies have avoided online projects for so long is because of the relative instability of the Internet outside of the office. The project manager can make all of the decisions he wants while he is working in his office, but it takes time for those decisions and changes to get to the field. The other problem is that gathering accurate data from the field to make those critical decisions can take some time as well.

Why Software Companies Should Focus On The End-User

Today, it seems obvious that the key to manufacturing or developing a high-quality and successful product or service lies in the level of customer satisfaction. But, strangely though, we can still find companies whose main purpose revolves only around selling their products or services…

How to Fix World of Tanks Crashes

World of Tanks is a very popular game with thousands of players worldwide. It’s fun to play, but unfortunately World of Tanks can experience errors and crash. This article will help you fix World of Tanks crashes.

Emergency Preparedness Software and Its Role in Disaster Management

Emergency preparedness is one of the most effective ways to lessen the loss of income, property, and lives. With a disaster plan and emergency preparedness software in place, an organization and its members can be equipped with the right information and skills as to how they can survive any disaster and extend the necessary assistance to civilians who are in need of help.

Upgrade Your SugarCRM Software Timely to Avoid Any Potential Risks

As a business, if you want to include new powerful features and functionalities into your existing software system, it is necessary to go for periodic SugarCRM migration and customization services. This not only ensures the smooth functioning of your application but also keeps it completely secured.

How to Partition Mac Drive Without Losing the Data

Resizing Mac partitions with disk utility – the built-in app for Mac OS X, is the safest and most secure way to make any changes in Mac drive. Creating, deleting, resizing and formating partitions in Mac drive without any risk to data, is the most attractive feature of Mac disk utility.

All in One VoIP Phone System for Business Needs

VoIP Phone System has become very popular with business owners because of its revenue generation capability at a very low cost. This is a powerful system that allows its users to integrate all of their systems through this network to make their work profile easier.

Revive Your Company With Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

Business houses have several processes in which they have to either store or manage huge mass of information. This information is very crucial for the sustenance of the organization, therefore it is crucial to manage it properly.

Staffing CRM – Monetize Your Software Investment!

Whatever your business model, you can benefit monetarily by using CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software). This crucial tool allows you to craft a marketing plan that recognizes each customer as an individual with distinct buying habits, needs and appeal. No IT budget can afford not to include CRM.

Benefits of Contact Management Software for Organizations

Updating company contact databases can be a nightmare for anyone. Thanks to contact management software platforms however, organizations can now benefit from regular updates of members’ e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and in case of emergency (ICE) contacts without difficulty.

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