Linux Tutorial Series – 155 – User space startup

Windows 8 Is The Ultimate Innovation of This Decade

Windows 8 has revolutionized the technology world and Microsoft achieved this milestone by employing its huge task force towards a dedicated goal, which finally made it stood on the verge of success. Windows 8 is now on everyone’s mind, and it has hypnotized the audience with its stunning outlook. The main reason behind its success is variation in terms of its portability. Use of same windows on Desktops, Tablets, as well as Smartphone has provided it with maximum edge. It’s the first, all in one, operating system in history that is fully compatible with all platforms.

The Benefits of Having Bespoke Software Developed

Many companies are held back by software they use that isn’t really sufficient for the job. It might have been developed years ago or could just be simple software with a few other applications thrown together.

The Other Side of the Cloud: Know Your Options

Data centers are shifting their masses to the cloud as it helps them lowering the burden on their internal servers. Enterprises moving their enterprise application suit to the cloud to reduce their IT expenses.

Microsoft Word – Getting to Grips With Formatting

Do you struggle to get your Word documents to look the way you want? Improve your understanding of Word by getting to grips with the way it formats.

Respond to Cyber Attacks Against Your Business

Companies, both big and small, are more prone to cyber attacks than any other faction. Cyber criminals determined that they would profit more by breaching the security system of these companies, most commonly to steal confidential information and sell them to interested clients. Despite the prominence of these threats, there are plenty of professionals who remain ignorant of the security measures they should be taking.

The iBooks Application Comes to the Desktop Mac

Exciting news for authors and their audience alike: iBooks application has come to the Mac. Previously, the iBooks application was limited to iOS devices, meaning you could only read iBooks on your iPad or iPhone. As of the new OSX Maverick update (due out early this fall), Apple is bringing its reading application to the Mac as well – and it supports all the interactive features of books created with iBooks Author.

Microsoft Word – Working With Someone Else’s Document

If you find yourself working with documents that were created by someone else, you many find they aren’t behaving the way you want them to. This article will help you discover ways to minimize the problems of working with other people’s documents.

Best Way to Manage Your Employees Leave

In the business world we easily substitute words and we talk about staff and employees but it is good to remember that in such cases we are referring to people, real human beings and your people are your greatest asset. Working with people means that sooner or later they will be absent from work. Whether this is due to planned leave or unexpected sickness the fact is – this will happen and in your business you have to manage and account for these events properly.

Things to Know to Avoid Exceeding the Budget in Implementing a Time and Attendance System

Investing in a Time and Attendance system should be carefully planned. It is an investment you cannot easily replace which is why it is best to know and avoid the pitfalls when implementing to ensure it does not exceed the budget.

Get Organic Visitors on Your Joomla Site In Just Five Steps

In this age of cyber competition, it has become important for all business organizations to attract organic visitors on their websites. In case, you are in the process of rebranding your business website then you should rely on open source web technologies like Joomla.

Microsoft Word – Navigation Shortcuts

If you are a fan of keyboard shortcuts or would like to become a fan, read this article to find ways to move around a Microsoft Word document without reaching for your mouse. Included are some keystrokes that have been around for a long time as well as some new ways to navigate.

Five Small Businesses Android Apps

Android is a classy platform for Smartphone users, making our life so easy with introducing different categories of application. Our world becomes a techno world. It affects every person concerned with business, entertainment, kids, developers, education, or any professional.

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