Linux Tutorial Series – 163 – Time

Closed Loop Marketing – How to Implement to Improve Sales

Digital campaigns have become the most popular mode of marketing for marketers without knowing if their efforts would yield any valuable results. While engaging with any prospect in conversation on any social networking site, do you know which lead or sales pitch would be fruitful to convert your prospect into sales?

SharePoint Consulting – Site-Collections and Identity Management Planning

A sound identity management planning can go a long way to maintain proper collaboration amid sites and users. It is vital to have a separate identity management plan for internal and external SharePoint users.

The Disappearing Smartphone Screen Within the Internet of Things

Mobile Application Development is making smarter electronic products and peripheral accessories communicate with other software-driven devices and the user via a smartphone interface. Pushing the boundaries of mobile hardware is proving that there is still so much we can do with existing technologies.

SharePoint Consulting – How SharePoint Helps in Building Strong Brand Image

SharePoint branding helps an organisation in creating a strong brand internally as well as externally for public facing SharePoint sites. Since external and internal stakeholders interact with each other using a common platform, it makes sense to give it a strong brand identity that can increase recall and recognizance value.

Why Pricing Strategies and Online Price Comparisons Drive Profits

Pricing strategies can be a good way to raise profits if large retailers don’t rely on any one single tactic to drive their profits. For example, artificially keeping a price low so that a large retailer entices its customers to buy is a good example of a way to use pricing strategies to benefit a company’s positive financial gain.

Sales Force Automation Software: Business Need

Sales Force Automation Software was a major challenge before some decades that is successfully superseded by our techno-giants. The entire business community was longing for a system that could control; and monitor the track of sales and marketing activities.

What Is Involved In Mobile Phone Application Development?

The process involved in the creation of applications for mobile phones are similar to that of creation of a software program for use in computers. The process generally goes through the same steps and generally it begins with a decision as to what type of program should be created. Then, the professional coders will be selecting the platform on which the process should be done.

Useful Information On Microsoft Dynamics Training

Microsoft Dynamics training is necessary for businesses that have already invested in this effective solution but still don’t know how to use it to its full potential. The staff should be trained to make the most of this software and benefit from it.

Technological Changes and Your Business, What Should You Expect?

In the current world, technology is taking over in almost all fields. Many companies and organizations have shifted to use of resource management software in order to better their services.

Efficiency Through Automated Medical Receptionist

Doctors in dire need of assistants to help them with their schedules should consider using automated medical receptionist. Even if you already have a human receptionist, you might consider working also with an automated one and see your schedules get booked and cleared all the time without delays.

What Is Marketing Automation?

The article introduces Marketing Automation, its core features, the need for it and the benefits of it. Several Automation software platforms are now available in the market today that simplify and automate most of the repetitive marketing tasks.

Hackers Are The True Evil – Really?

The threat to a company’s official data is not from external hackers but from his own employees. The statistics have shown that the majority of data breaches are done by employees of the company. Companies are advised to make use of data security software.

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