Linux Tutorial Series – 167 – The traceroute command

5 Key Benefits of Enterprise Software Development Solutions for Businesses

In today’s fast changing IT environment, there is a rising demand amongst businesses to use an easy to operate, highly feasible enterprise software development application to better address enterprise-wide problems and challenges. It is quite a costly affair to maintain multiple enterprise software to manage various organizational processes and supervise large, complex customer databases and networks.

Adopting E-Invoicing and Improving Business – As Recommended by the EU and UK Government

A priority of the European Union’s A Digital Agenda for Europe – one of the EU’s Europe 2020’s flagship initiatives – is to encourage the move to e-invoicing. In a recent report Lord Young, David Cameron’s advisor on enterprise, advises SMEs to make greater use of technology, mentioning payment processing in particular, and praising the government for increasing its use of e-invoicing in procurement processing with SMEs.

Clutch: A Unified Shopping App for Android Users

In this technologically driven world, consumers are fast moving towards opting for mobile apps for shopping. Shopping for products over your Smartphones seems to be the best option any given day. However, often we need to log into more than one websites for online shopping. Discovering and checking out a new product is not as easy as it seems. Keeping all this in mind a unified shopping app is launched by Clutch. Clutch is a mobile commerce company that has developed an app for Android users. It is available for fee on Google Play store. Let us find out what Clutch is all about and how beneficial it is.

What to Cover in an Active Directory Security Audit

This article helps IT personnel determine what to cover in an Active Directory Security Audit. It provides details on the various two types and scopes of Active Directory Security Audits and it enumerates the specific areas that should be covered in an Active Directory Security Audit.

Voice Recognition With Natural Language Understanding Brings Efficiencies to Call Centers

Voice recognition technology has greatly evolved with the arrival of NLU or natural language understanding in artificial intelligence. NLU is a subset of natural language processing that deals with system reading comprehension. Many of us have seen this new technology applied to voice commands spoken to mobile devices for finding locations, getting directions or updating calendars.

How to Audit Security Permissions and Access Rights in Active Directory

This article provides helpful information on how to perform an audit of security permissions and access rights in Active Directory. It helps understand the difference between permissions and effective permissions and provides helpful suggestions on how to easily and efficiently perform Active Directory access audits.

How to Perform an Active Directory Security Audit

This article helps IT personnel understand what to cover in an Active Directory Security Audit and how to perform an Active Directory Security Audit. It can be used to develop an Active Directory Security Audit Checklist and either develop in-house scripts or use automated tools to make the audit process efficient.

Medical Billing Services, Companies To Carry You Through

The medical industry has been in turmoil for some time now and plenty of healthcare practices failed or are now on the brink of failing due to the instability that is occurring and their reliance on methods that no longer work during the modern age and thus damage their ability to generate profit. For a medical practice to survive during these unstable times therefore, they will have to use more effective means that will not tolerate any mistake no matter how small, and Medical Billing Services Companies can provide exactly the kind of security that you are looking for in order to protect your healthcare business.

Sales Enablement Practices As a Part of Modern Business Promotion

Different types of sales enablement strategies are adopted by companies to felicitate their sales and marketing teams. Understanding these strategies provide you with a better perception of the whole process.

Use A Reliable Project Management App

When you are trying to keep a project organized, you need everything at your fingertips at all times. You want to know what people are involved, how to get a hold of those people, what kind of schedule the project is running and you want to be able to allow people to submit problems as they happen so that they can be taken care of. A good project management app will have everything you need to make sure that your project gets done on time and under budget.

Third Party Solution To Expense Management And Procure To Purchase Process

Expense management software helps in managing the expense right from their inception till the clearance and auditing. The software maintains a database which can help managers browse through the records of expenses over a period of time.

Excel Courses – 5 Great Excel Tips and Tricks

Five tips in excel showing you how to format dates, short cuts for creating a chart, printing parts of a spreadsheet, numbering a list and printing grid lines. 1. Formatting Dates…

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