Linux Tutorial Series – 17 – The clear command

The Fundamentals of IOS and Android Application Testing

Today the reach of customers have broadened from PC’s to mobiles and in lieu of this it makes mobile app testing very essential. iOS and Android apps have paved way for the mobile genre. They have tremendous applications that attract a customer but at the same time while users enjoy the apps, how easy is it to test the iOS and Android apps?

Importance of Field Worker Software

Remote work can be challenging. No central meeting place around the water cooler. Questions via phone tag and piles of emails and documents to sort through. Hand written work orders and clipboards are an administrative nightmare. Not to mention the amount of filing space required. Remote workers frequently have to rely on others to locate documents and answer customer questions.

Apple Mail Export Tool – One Stop Solution for Mail Migration

In today’s tech-savvy world, each and every task is performed by the automated system and to complete those tasks, distinctive applications have come into existence. The web users find using those diverse set of applications, a way to keep them up with the latest technology.

Which Recruitment Fits You – Outsourcing, Internal Hiring or On Payroll?

Recruitment is a process of screening, evaluating and welcoming a candidate on board. For companies who are looking to hire new employees, it is crucial for them to evaluate various parameters of recruitment.

Why Magento Is the Most Preferred E-Commerce Platform

Magento is the most preferred CMS for creating an e-commerce website because it is robust, user friendly and is available for free. It has customizable themes and offers Google Analytics and other tracking options so that the performance of the site can be easily traced.

Destroy The Office Of The CEO Using A Human Resource Management Software

A human resource management software can be the ultimate demolition weapon in the hands of a business leader. It can be the most potent bulldozer in pulling down walls in the organizational structure. For those who are familiar with the concept of “enlightened democracy,” it is a process of empowering people and enhancing accountability. For those who are still not enlightened enough to distinguish between anarchist revolution and human resource management, we discuss the nitty gritty of new age people management here.

Offshore Product Development – Mitigating Risks and Challenges

In today’s time and era, the practice of hiring a third-party provider for the development of products and services especially in the arena of information technology is on the high rise. In fact, offshore product development could be described as a very effectual and optimized solution to yield large profit margin that too on a low scale investment.

Excel Tip – Create Multiple Reports From One Pivot Table

Pivot table reports are one of the best features of Excel. They really are a life saver for users who have to summarise or process large amounts of data from Excel tables or lists. This tutorial will demonstrate how to automatically create multiple reports from the one Pivot Table Report.

3 Ways to Make Sense of Errors and Logging

While errors and logs are often instrumental to diagnosing application issues, getting the most out of them isn’t easy. If you’re using a narrowly focused tool or rolling your own solution, it’s likely you’re either struggling to quickly get to the data you need when you need it, or you’re trying to find a needle in a haystack. Learn how to make sense of all this data

Cross Platform Fitness Device by Microsoft

There have been fitness apps and fitness tracking devices offered by Apple, Android, and now by Microsoft too. Microsoft has introduced a health fitness device labeled as the Microsoft Band along with its homegrown app that just might seem a version of Google Fit or Apple HealthKit.

Cloud Mobile Application Development – Achieving High Popularity Among End Users

The increasing need of mobile application is affecting every company. Day by day every company is trying to achieve their goals with some productive ideas in mobile apps development. Large number of companies are moving towards to develop the applications in order to enhance its productivity and improve their turnover. IT Agencies are offering various range of solutions like payment options, platform migration, game development with java applications, flash light and other programming services.

The Amazing Benefits of Using Photoshop

New to website designing or simply want to try a hand in photo editing? Photoshop is all that you need. The biggest benefit of this software, it allows you to play around with the images and give it a form you want.

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