Linux Tutorial Series – 18 – Exiting a terminal session

A Manual to Help You Save Links Into a Google Spreadsheet in Chrome

We are in an era where accessing a knowledge base or getting an access to an archived research document isn’t too far. Whether it’s about school assignments, college projects, database access, or business proposal stylistics, all of us need to maintain some sort of detailed sheets that can make our work easier and faster. While researching on the web, you might feel that accessing a lot of information is a boon of digital era but again organizing the information scattered all over the web is a stiff challenge.

How To Diagnose A Windows BSOD

Getting a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) doesn’t have to be a frightening experience. Learn how to quickly discover what caused it, which will allow you to fix the problem and move on.

The Benefits of Using Text To Speech Technology

Text to speech software offers a variety of benefits, from basic feedback when writing to helping visual or learning difficulties. Text to speech technology is the process of converting the written text on-screen into speech.

Project Management Applications and the Apps That Will Make Your Next Project A Success

Managing a project requires not only handling tasks, but people as well. At any moment, every member of your team will be focused on their individual task, working towards a greater whole. Bringing everyone together and giving them a platform to share their updates and information is crucial.

The Zen of Cloud Computing: How It Has Changed the Business Landscape

We usually talk about what is cloud computing, how it works and all. Hence we are quiet clear about what are cloud services and what are it’s different models and types. So, lets discuss today the advantages associated with it and how it is evolving with the passage of time.

Excel Tip: How To Add Ranking To Your Excel Pivot Table

When looking at a summary data set in an Excel Pivot Table, it would be really useful in some scenarios to be able to sort the data by ranking of your data set. You can display ranking in An Excel Pivot, but depending on the version of Excel you are using there a one of two ways to achieve this ranking. This article will walk you through both methods.

Online Scheduler – Taking Strides With Modernity in Healthcare

The healthcare industry has seen the growth and rise of numerous technological advancements. New drugs, new tools and new methods are constantly being developed to help improve the status of healthcare worldwide. It is good to note that the appointment setting process is not just catching up, but taking strides as well, in consideration with the modernity in healthcare.

Increased Output Through Online Digital Signature

In order to start a successful business or any kind of profit based work, the main purpose is to gain standard outcome with in minimum expenditures and time. Every organization is looking towards such solutions which provide reliability, security and authenticity.

Quick Ways to Clean Up an Old Word Document

Do you have old Word documents that don’t have modern fonts and spacing? Find out how to change them into new ones without retyping them.

How Android Apps Can Improve the Healthcare Industry

With the increased usage of mobile devices and various applications coming to the market, healthcare professionals are no more struggling hard to make the processes and communications easy. Android applications for various purposes like administration, record maintenance and access, communication, information gathering and etc. have made things easier than before.

Useful Tips to Smoothly Work With OS X Yosemite

Even though, the OS X Yosemite has been here for a while but there are certain things that you are still not aware of. While you are still wondering about how to go about working with things like iCloud, Extensions, e-mail, Safari and messages it would be a lot easier if you know how to.

Text to Speech Software – What It Is and How Do You Choose One?

It is remarkable that speech synthesis computer technology has led to the development of text to speech software. It enables you to change the text on computers to clearly audible speech. This is proving of immense help to students, writers, businesses and people having visual or learning impairment.

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