Linux Tutorial Series – 22 – Absolute and relative pathnames

Must I Update My PC Drivers Immediately?

For the average PC user, drivers are a bit like the “red haired step child.” The average user knows that hardware and software such as an antivirus or Windows OS are essential to the smooth functioning of a computer.

Offshore Testing Services – Know It All

Most of us may believe that organizations willingly opt for offshore testing whereas this seems to be a myth. Offshore is really not a choice but an integral part of any organization where the management looks at it as a cost-effective measure. A need to accelerate business and reduce investment in project-specific infrastructure are the key attentions that make an enterprises look for offshore testing partners for verification of their applications.

5 Windows Power User Tools You Must Know About

If you are using Windows OS then the best news is that you are free to use its numerous features and tools accordingly. However, if you are yet not familiar with its hidden features then chances are that you are yet to utilize it to its full potential.

The Plausibility of the Paperless Office

With paper probably too ingrained in business culture to ever disappear completely, but the case for removing paper from many business procedures irrefutable, I concluded that the answer to the question of whether the paperless office is myth or reality is – a mixture of both. The fact is there are many departments where becoming paperless is not only possible, but overwhelmingly advantageous. However, it’s not always easy persuading customers, suppliers, even partners to supply the documents you need in the format you want.

Excel Tutorial How To Create A Scrollable List In Excel

Space on an Excel worksheet is usually at a premium, in particular when you are designing and creating a Dashboard. By it’s very nature a dashboard needs to display the most important pieces information to enable the user to make informed business decisions. In this Excel tutorial learn how to create a scrollable list where you can display 10 rows of data at a time. The method uses a form control and the OFFSET formula to easily create a moving data display. Use this method on dashboards and reports where space is limited.

File Management and More With GoodReader

Often, there are times when you would want to have an app that would help you get along with PDF. With iOS users, this is what makes sense and for this purpose, GoogReader 4 comes to the rescue. This app is capable of providing tools for your PDF to help you edit and do much more.

How You Wish EHRs Would Understand Practice Workflows

EHRs have brought efficiency into the workflow of a general practice. However, there is still room for improvement to make it people-friendly and more communicative.

Multi-Layered Services Offered by a SharePoint Consulting Firm

SharePoint is a viable tool to upgrade and streamline your business in such a large number of distinct ways. On the off chance that you utilize the SharePoint administration you will be astonished by how the most recent innovation from Microsoft Office’s SharePoint platform assists in running your organizations with lots of comfort and discipline.

Improving Care Of Breast Cancer Patients With EMR

Health IT follows the mantra of “prevention is better than cure” that helps to improve quality of healthcare. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) can play a significant role in providing timely care to breast cancer patients and reducing its death toll.

How to Delete Porn Permanently?

In computers, there is a difference between basic deletion and permanent delectation. The same applies when deleting porn files. What is the difference between basic and secure deletion and why is it important to use secure deletion.

Speed Up Your Slow Computer With a PC Optimization!

In the last five years, the world of technology has seen a rapid growth and in the next few years it will witness another set of evolution. The dynamism of human mind has in turn led to such a stage. In fact the invention of desktops and then laptops had paved the way for the recent more sophisticated technology like smart phones changing the picture of this world.

Educational Computer Games For Kids – Teach Them In A Fun Way

Computers can be great learning tools for kids. There are many excellent educational software programs available for kids which can make learning fun.

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