Linux Tutorial Series – 31 – The –help option

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Incident Management Software

Generally, the best incident management software is one that can address different scenarios by providing the best response to different situations. In other words, the right software has the capacity to assess different special needs. Here are other reasons why you need incident management software.

Network Share Audit Tool

Have you ever been annoyed when your important documents were missing and you did not know who has deleted them and why? Have you ever been disturbed by users who used files in your share when you needed them?

Move Up the Career Ladder With Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Office Training is vital to work quickly and accomplish the required tasks in a modern office environment. Working in an Excel worksheet or a Word document can be difficult if you do not understand the various features of these applications.

Why Do You Need Drupal?

Drupal is a powerful content management system that is open source and comes free of charge. It enables you to not only create, publish and manage your website content, but also customize it endlessly, thanks to the many templates and themes available in it.

Free Screen Recording Software

I want to talk about the different types of free screen recording software, otherwise known as screencasting software, what it is, what it does, how you can use it, and what people use it for. I’m sure you’ve seen videos on YouTube and other places online where people are recording what they’re doing on their computers.

Master Data Governance Is Reshaping the Enterprises

Master data governance is calling for the attention of the whole business community. Running business successfully is the need of the hour.

Know About MDM Solutions to Avert Business Catastrophe

The whole world is experiencing a storm of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). To confront this situation, data governance case study has evolved as a new subject.

2 Easy Tips to Improve Project Management Collaboration

Corporate projects today call for collaboration with various team members, departments, and remote locations. In some cases certain team members may not even be located in the same country much less the same building, which makes project management collaboration a challenge! Despite how difficult it might be, collaborating with all team members or with a certain few is an absolute must in order to move a project forward and ensure it’s finished on time.

How to Calibrate Battery on an Android Device?

It’s an era of mobile phones, android being the king operating system used. But there is a big issue faced by all the users, yes it is the battery problem. The performance of the batteries is reduced by a very great margin or sometimes it will get drained in a very short span of time or it won’t charge at all. At this time we think of replacing our battery. But before replacing, we must try calibration because it may increase the performance and life of our battery. This article is for the group of readers who want to increase the performance and life of their battery.

Efficient Magento Web Development Services for Your Online Business

This article gives a brief explanation about the advantages of Magento web development and gives a few tips on how to choose the best Magento development company. Magento is already one of the most search engine optimization – friendly e-commerce platforms and it is gaining quite some ground worldwide. Many online stores are considering it as their preferred choice for building online stores.

What a Good Online Scheduler Means to a Therapist and Patient?

Helping make life easier for doctors and patients – Day-to-day activities can sometimes take its toll and when that happens we try our best to find ways to cope with the stress so that we can plough on. We lean on our friends or families for support and sometimes even just a willing listener is enough to help us carry on through our trying times. But there are times when even our closest friend or family member cannot help us get past some of our hurdles and in these times people with the expertise on helping others cope…

Which Is Better, an App or a Mobile Site?

Every business that doesn’t have any sort of mobile presence right now is under a lot of pressure to find a way into the world of mobile marketing. It is because smartphones have changed the name of the game.

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