Linux Tutorial Series – 38 – The touch command

Four Key Benefits of Using Digital Sticky Notes at Work

Everybody remembers the good old school days when re-usable post-it notes were commonly used in schools. Be it the annual sports meet or the assignment deadline, a yellow, orange or green piece on the wall would serve as a reminder. Not just for young scholars, adhesive notes have also been used by professionals for quite some time now.

Mobility Computing Services – Anytime, Anywhere and Any Place

The advent of mobile technology, with its easy accessibility, has predictably resulted in the mobile devices being used for smooth access and exchange of information. People want access to information on-demand from their mobile devices, in order to increase effectiveness in their organizations and increase the ability to interact.

Data Recovery Software – What Is It and How Do We Choose One?

People making extensive use of computers would know that, sometimes, important electronic files get lost due to the crashing of their computers or another inadvertent action on their part, or their computer. The process of recovering such deleted or lost files is important, and it is made possible through software programs designed for data recovery. Before such software started appearing, the task of data recovery was undertaken by companies specializing in the job of retrieving data from damaged hard drives.

Mobile Social Gaming – A Short Trend or Here to Stay?

It has been realized that users making use of mobile Internet in the US spend a great amount of time for using various applications. The daily average comes to over two hours and fifteen minutes! The maximum time was spent for gaming applications, consuming almost 1/3 of the entire time spent.

Protecting Important Files On Your USB Drive

It is important to copy protect your USB drive in order to prevent your personal data from being copied to other devices without your permission. There are many software applications available which can help you password protect various types of files.

Product Information Management – The Next Step to E-Commerce

This article throws light on how a good product information management solution can help companies improve how their products are displayed to the world. It highlights the need of having better product information which will improve customer base of e-commerce products, for an organization.

How to Maintain a Clean Master Data

The master data management should be a continuous process to ensure that the data made available across the business is reliable. Business processes when coupled with modern technology results in material MD management, a framework of data that is an essential link between various processes. The master data is a collection of data pertaining to suppliers, raw materials, finance, marketing and other areas of the business. Through the master data any department or resource can have access to crucial data related to their domain. For a business to truly succeed, the master data needs to be up to date, accurate and consistent. Synchronization of the master data with the processes, tools, operations and applications can ensure smooth business functioning.

Top Features Of A Project Management App

Managing a project is a juggling act. On the one hand, you have a concrete objective and a deadline that must be reached. On the other hand, you have a group of individuals, each with their own talents that they can bring to the table.

5 Tricks That Will Make Your iPhone Run Much Smoother

There are a few other somewhat more obvious ways to make your iPhone speedier, like deleting photos, music and videos, turning off Siri and disabling auto downloads, but here are some easy steps for improving your iPhone’s performance that you might not be aware of. Here are 5 tricks that will make your iPhone run much smoother.

A Technology Driven World

In any kind of business when sourcing and procurement could be a challenge for managers and company owners, technology driven automation is the key to improving productivity and efficiency. Businesses that embrace updated ways to deal with various business processes find themselves more competitive and able to deal with customer concerns whatever they may be.

Android Apps Development: A Perk to Mobile Technology

There’s no denying that advancement in mobile technologies have helped businesses and individuals manage a lot of their tasks without much hassle. In fact, there has been a colossal growth in the adoption rate of mobile technology and is still surging.

Visual Studio 2010 Vs Visual Studio 2012 – A Brief Comparison

The currently used Visual Studio version is 2010 which is most popular and most widely used variant of Visual Studio launched by Microsoft. Most of the people use this version due to its several positive aspects including a number of key attributes and features.

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