Linux Tutorial Series – 4 – Zooming in on the kernel – what are its responsibilities?

What Will Microsoft Windows 10 Mean for You?

Microsoft has just revealed a deeper look at its new futuristic operating system, Windows 10. Attempting to gain momentum after the disappointment of Windows 8, the company is launching a new OS and returning to more familiar user friendly applications. Included are new inventive features like a souped-up start menu and multiple virtual desktops.

Excel Tip – Unlink A Pivot Table From Its Data Source

Pivot Tables are undoubtedly one of the best features of Microsoft Excel, sharing them however can become quite tricky once your file size becomes larger so it is not always possible to send the file without either zipping it, sending via a transfer program. You also may not want to always share the source data as the detail maybe confidential but the top level may not be so sensitive. To share the summary data you will need to somehow unlink your Pivot Table from its data source. Unfortunately Excel does not have an unlink feature, but it is possible to achieve the same result with a few more extra steps. This article will demonstrate this method.

New Year, New Fleet Management System

Now the busy period is dying down, it’s good to review your fleet management system. Time for an upgrade? Let us give you some transportation tips.

Still Using Microsoft XP? Now’s the Time to Change

Whilst many SMEs keep up to date with their PC operating platforms, recent evidence suggests that 1 in 5 are still using Microsoft XP even though mainstream support for it was withdrawn in April 2014. Windows XP was a pretty good system and a significant number of small businesses take the attitude that if it isn’t broken then it doesn’t need to be fixed. After all, businesses may feel they have far more important things to focus on than their computer operating system.

How Will Big Data Change the Techniques of Effective Lead Generation?

In a world where business decisions are data driven and software is on the verge of making human involvement obsolete, it’s quite natural that the nature of business leads and related software will change forever. Lead generation being at the heart of all sales and marketing activities, companies adopting big data analytics for generating business leads and spotting potential customers will always have a competitive advantage.

Excel Tip – Protect A Pivot Table But Allow Access To A Slicer

If you have spent a significant amount of time on a spreadsheet solution, possibly a dashboard, got everything just as you want it, then you definitely do not want your users accidentally (or in deed deliberately) move, delete, replace or change data which could affect your analysis and data presentation on you spread sheet. You do however want users to use your work book and interact with it, especially in such spreadsheet solutions as interactive dashboards. One of the main ways to do this is via Pivot Table slicers to give control of the dashboard to users so they explore and use it to identify trends and make business decisions. This article will take you step by step setting up your work sheet protection but allow access to Pivot Table slicers to maintain the integrity of your work sheet data and functionality. There are a few stages to this process.

Excel Tip – Reasons To Use Centre Instead of Merge In Excel

When you are working on a spreadsheet someone else has designed or you have inherited, there are a few things that can cause issues, with the performance or function of the work book. One of the main ones that I come across is merged cells. If you decide to use merged cells, you really do run the risk of affecting your spreadsheet functionality in a number of major ways. This article will highlight the issues that can occur with using the merge feature.

Measurement Scale Anamolies in Software Metrics

There are four scales in measurement theory. They are nominal, ordinal, ratio and interval. Interval scale are typically composed using days, dates, year, hour, minute, second etc.

Forecasting in Excel Using the TREND Function

There are several pre-made functions built into Excel that allow you to predict values based on previous results, and the TREND function is one example. Unlike other forecasting functions – the FORECAST function, for example – the TREND function is an Array function. This means that it must be used in a specific way.

How to Replace Your Lock Screen With The Weather App Using Forecast Tweak

For those of you who just cannot leave the Lock screen as blank as it is, there is a quite useful solution. Now, with the help of Forecast, you can add a dynamic, weather-based lock screen that includes detailed information and animations to your jailbroken iOS device. As a matter of fact, it will change the lock screen completely by offering an informative solution through the weather-based widget. Fortunately, the tweak is optimized for iOS and AMR64-devices.

Excel Pivot Table Tip – 2 Ways To Automatically Refresh Your Pivot Tables

If you a a regular user of Pivot Tables then you probably would like Excel to automatically update them and refresh themselves. Of course we can manually refresh them all or individually in a work sheet with a few steps. There are a number of smarter ways to automate this process. This article will describe them step by step.

Excel Pivot Table Tip – Why Does My Pivot Table COUNT Not SUM?

So picture the scene, you have your data source ready, you create your Pivot Table, add your data to the data section and you do not quite get the results you expected. You get Excel giving you a COUNT result in your data area- why is that?. It is a question I get asked a lot. It’s all about the base data you are using to populate your Pivot Table. There are two ways to deal with this, at the source- which is your data, or get Excel within the Pivot to amend the data. This article will show you how to resolve the issue step by step.

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