Linux Tutorial Series – 46 – The sudo command

Has Microsoft Learned Its Lesson?

This is the first in a three-part series exploring the release of Windows 8, why it went wrong and the aftermath that followed. When you can’t get more than 12 percent buy-in on a flagship OS after nearly two years in a market you nearly monopolize, you’ve made some earth-shatteringly bad assumptions about your customers. What were they?

How to Win Your Employee’s Heart in an Employee Referral Program?

The most successful employee referral programs are the ones, which are able to motivate employees to participate in the program for more than financial incentives. Organizations need to be able to instill a sense of purpose in the program so that employees feel that they are partners in the process of building the organization through inducting high quality talent from outside. Employees should be treated as valued partners in the recruiting process whose contributions can immensely benefit the organization both monetarily and non- monetarily.

How to Develop Your Own Software

There’s always a stage in a company’s existence when the necessity of implementing an information technology system which supports all the processes (management, workflow, production) becomes inevitable. Managers in many companies come to the conclusion that developing their own software will be the most cost-effective and flexible solution which will meet all their specific demands and give them greater control. Besides that, own software provides the company with a competitive advantage reducing the time of executing the order and also enhancing the process itself.

Make The Best Use Of MDM Solutions By Improving Data At Its Entry Stage

It is easy to prevent data corruption at the entry stage. Companies should embrace data quality management tools to increase their productivity.

How Do Implementation Of MDM Solutions Help Revive A Declining Brand?

Every brand reinvents itself to stay in the business for a long run. To implement new strategies on a timely basis, companies should embrace MDM solutions.

The Development And Implementation Of Computer-Aided Facility Management

Computer-Aided Facility Management or CAFM, is a system that brings together the principles on which a business runs with the actual workplace, people, and the work they perform. The practice began with the automation of the PC to collect information that pertained to the business and maintain it.

Why Brand SharePoint?

General branding makes a specific product stand out. It is the brand that connects consumers to the product. It makes a product easily recognizable and marketable. Branding, according to the American Marketing Association (AMA), could be a name, term, sign, symbol, logo, slogan, design or a combination of attributes. Branding is a simple and practical concept that identifies with and differentiates a product; and is a cornerstone of effective marketing that builds demand and sales.

Google Apps Vs Microsoft Office 365: What’s Best for Your Business?

As more companies move their file storage and editing, email and team collaboration software to the cloud, they must decide which Cloud service is the best choice for their specific needs. Two main contenders have emerged in the Cloud-based business application space: • Google Apps: Google has gone far beyond the days of being just a search engine and now offers a range of Cloud-based services for businesses through Google Apps. • Microsoft Office 365: Office has long been the de-facto standard software suite for business, and Microsoft’s familiar software is available from the…

How to Budget for Large-Scale ERP Projects

Large ERP implementations have many characteristics that make planning and budget preparation more complex. Clarity on the scope, duration and phasing of the implementation is crucial, so that phasing of spend can be considered as part of preparing the budget. The single most significant difference between preparing a budget for large-scale ERP implementations and smaller projects is the requirement to break out the projected costs over time. In order to do that you have to start with the basics. Attempting to prepare a budget as part of the planning process for any ERP project is nigh-on impossible until three key and interrelated elements are defined. These three elements are explored in this article.

ERP and Business Process Re-Engineering

The timing of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) efforts in the context of selecting and implementing ERP is a dilemma for many organisations. Many companies recognise the benefits of taking a new look at the way they do things when implementing ERP but baulk at the thought of the costs involved. Surely there’s a way to get better value out of ERP by improving the way your processes work but without going through a full scale BPR exercise? This article examines Business Process Re-engineering in the context of ERP projects.

Selecting the Best App Maker for Your Business App

Mobile applications or apps in short, are a useful avenue for attracting, retaining and engaging with your clientele. Creating an app for your business is a process that has several facets to it.

A Comparison of 7z and Traditional Zip

The traditional ZIP format is very popular, but it’s not necessarily the best. The open source free utility 7z has developed its own far superior 7z (7-ZIP) format. While 7z is new in the market, it is slowly gaining popularity due to its simple interface, added security, and efficient functionality.

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