Linux Tutorial Series – 53 – Input/output redirection

Microsoft Excel: Avoiding Data Entry Errors With Dependent Data Validation Lists

Using data validation to create drop-down lists is a fabulous way to avoid data entry errors in your spreadsheets. In this article I want to take drop-down lists one step further. Learn to limit list choices by using the Indirect function.

Photo ID Card Software – What Can You Expect From the Modern Versions?

The majority of managers subscribe to the view that they necessarily need software that is easy to manage and to use for making photo ID cards according to their designs. Whether you are managing a n apartment complex or a gym, small or big business, junior or high school, you certainly want to have user-friendly software along with printer that allows you to easily prepare photo ID cards. Thankfully, now we have the option of using simple software when we want the students, workers or members to have a photo ID card.

Microsoft Project and Its Features

Project management is the aspect of planning and taking care of resources in such a way that the undertaking is done within specified scope, standard, duration and cost limitations. Excelling at project management as well as presentation could very well be the key to obtaining a competitive edge and there are a number of principles and applications intended for project management.

Efficient, Holistic, Streamlined Processing – Integration Without the Coffee and Croissants

Electronic document management solutions store documents so they’re accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the business, and workflow automates processing. But that may not be the end of the processing journey for the data within that document, either within department or across the organisation. Seamless integration with other line of business systems is therefore essential if multiple data entry is to be avoided, onward processing not subject to delay and interruption, and vital historical information not lost to later processing stages.

Web Project Management Can Make The Project Environment More Secure

If you are thinking about moving to a Web project management model, then it is very likely that you are concerned about the security of such an endeavor. As important as it is to adapt to new and more efficient tools, project security remains a key concern. It is definitely true that security risks grow when you move more information online.

Evolution Of Augmented Reality Applications

AR technology is not very old, but the latest improvements in the technology have made it necessary for the developers to switch their focus towards the real world development of applications related to AR. With so much innovation, augmented Reality apps are not limited to just location and GPS services, but now they have got a huge diversity of having augmented reality apps in every genre.

Internet Marketing Landing Pages Made Easy

Marketing on the Internet can be difficult without a background in information technology, but with new software now public anyone can create high-converting landing pages in only minutes. There is simply no need to be a tech genius to make money online. Software services have now made it possible for anyone to create professional landing pages that are based on the “best of” in the direct and Internet marketing world.

Simplify Your Business With The Right Gas Distribution Software

There’s little doubt that the fuel management and distribution business is a complicated industry. Whether it’s following the multitude of laws and regulations, trying to forecast customer demand and make certain you have adequate inventory on hand to meet that demand, coordinating the delivery of product or keeping track of taxes that must be paid, running a business in this complex industry is a challenge to say the least. In an effort to streamline business tasks, owners and managers in the fuel industry have turned to a variety of petroleum software products.

How To Prevent Pivot Table Bloating In Microsoft Excel

One of Excel’s most powerful features is that a Pivot Table. It will allow you to analyse countless spreadsheet records and quickly summarise, explore and present your data. By it’s very nature, a Pivot Table will take vast amounts of columns and rows of data, so how does Excel store and display all of this data. Understanding this will allow you to avoid bloating of your Excel workbooks and unnecessary bloating of your Excel files. Learn how to reduce the size of your Excel files.

Excel Tutorial: Add Your Own Macros To The Excel Ribbon Tab

Do you have a set of commands you use on a regular basis?, Would you want to keep so you can access them easily on a totally separate tab? It could be a group of macros you use on a regular report each week. Learn how to keep them together on their own special Excel Ribbon Tab in this Excel Tutorial.

Excel Tutorial: How To Pivot Un-Pivotable Data

If you want to use one of Microsft Excel’s most powerful features to summarise, analyse and present your data- you need to know how to create, use and manipulate a Pivot Table. To successfully use a Pivot Table in Excel we usually need what is called transactional data or a flat data table. These are usually identifiable as a set of data containing rows and columns. What if your data is already summrised but not in the way you want. Here is a great Excel trick to return your data to transactional, to enable you to create a Pivot Table. You can Pivot the Unpivotable.

Cyber Security Tips for Online Safety

The importance a secure computer cannot be overstated. Both individuals and businesses need to be informed about better ways of securing their computers and online activities. For company computers, you may not have to worry about enacting any security measures because the information technology (IT) department takes care of that.

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