Linux Tutorial Series – 56 – Shell globbing (aka wildcards)

10 Things Excel Users Need to Know

It is a virtual paperless world today, with lesser and lesser importance given to pen and paper documentations and analyses. We have replaced writing pads with Word documents, ledger books with Excel, dictionaries with word-webs – so on and so forth. Microsoft Excel is extremely essential for workplaces today, what’s with its simple procedures of entering data to advanced features like functions, formulae and Excel Macros that make your work so much easier and saves your time! If you’re a novice at excel, you need to get your hand on the nuts and bolts of it – and there is no better place to learn them than Excel Tutorial.

Avoid Signature Forgery With Online Signature Software

There are several cases of signature forgery and it is a severe crime. Several companies are thinking to take measurable steps to reduce signature forgery crime. One of the best ways to stop this crime is to use online signature software. This software will help sign documents digitally.

Stay Ahead by Choosing the Right Mobile App Development Company

As per the newly emerging technologies, the usage of mobile phone and tablets are at a great height for accessing internet compared to desktop or laptop. So, in order to succeed in the business of App development, “customer satisfaction” factor should be kept on prior. For this, one need to make a wise decision on choosing the correct Mobile App Development Company.

MS Office Technological Training Allows You to Stand Out in Your Workplace

Microsoft Office is a software package suite that provides a product of technological solutions for business professionals. Developed in 1989, the package suite consists of MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, as well as Outlook / Entourage. Every single application was created to work together with the next, providing you with the ability to more efficiently build, manage, and share ideas.

Are You Losing Your Bitcoins?

This article contains the news about Bitcoins which are used as transaction material on the internet through OS-X operating system. A duplicate application containing the virus also has been developed which steals your money without getting noticed by you.

Using Enterprise Data Management Solutions to Improve Turnover

Companies around the world take advantage of enterprise data management solutions to help them improve turnover, increase profit margins and improve staff productivity. These solutions are designed to improve the running of the business, streamline communication between departments and improve customer service. This type of solution can be used for any and all aspects of the business from keeping customer records and buying habits to their account, payment types and more

Why Companies Use Data Management Software

Companies around the world take advantage of master data management as a way to improve their sales turnover, profitability and staff productivity. While companies can sell a product or service and enjoy tremendous success both online and offline, there is always room for growth. This type of software solution, helps companies determine where improvement is needed, implement change and analyze results. It is one of the most important software solutions any company can own and is used for data capturing and reporting for all departments.

Implement SAP To Make Business Processes More Efficient And Integrated

The full form of SAP is Systems, Applications and Products in data processing. Quite a few Fortune 500 companies have implemented SAP systems and use it extensively for the day to day operations and reporting purposes.

iOS 8: What Can We Expect?

With the recent release of iOS 7.1.1 we can finally and inevitably admit the fact that Apple’s seventh iteration of its mobile platform is no longer in the center of attention.

Adding a Video Clip to Your PowerPoint Slides

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a movie can do. Next time you create a PowerPoint presentation, consider adding a video clip to your slides.

Life As a Nephrologist Is Not All Unicorns and Rainbows

Recent data published in the Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2014 authored by Leslie Kane and Carol Peckham indicates that many nephrologists don’t think the glass is half full or half empty. For more than half of the respondents, the glass is cracked.

The Bottom Line of Medicine Today

CMS recently released Medicare payment data for 2011. There has been a flurry of online media coverage, both for and against this move towards healthcare transparency. Those for are touting the benefits of the “informed consumer.” Indicating that healthcare is an item that can be quantified and a provider could be chosen based on the price of care.

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