Linux Tutorial Series – 58 – Regular expressions construction in Linux

Best Way to Avoid Crapware and Bloatware

We all run into the trap of installing unwanted software onto our Windows computer. Have you had that problem before? I used to find it so frustrating to find hundreds of toolbars, browser hijacks, web browser redirection and additional software installed on my computer when I went to install software.

Why Custom Designed Software Is Better Than Packaged Software

It may so happen that despite your product being the best in the market, your rivalries are having an edge over you when it comes to customer satisfaction. If your competitors are enjoying better sales and you are still unable to make out what’s going wrong then it’s time to recheck how you handle your sales operations.

5 Pointers For Powerful Data Governance Coupled With MDM Solutions

Data governance is affected by the interplay of various factors. Here are five tips that pave the way for powerful data governance equipped with MDM solutions.

Microsoft Excel: Adding Data Validation to Your Spreadsheets to Avoid Data Entry Errors

Excel is a master of taking data and turning it into meaningful information, but this isn’t possible if a date is entered where a name should be or three numbers are entered for a phone number. Rather than having to manually check for errors, add data validation to your worksheet to help eliminate common data entry mistakes.

Preparing for the Internet of Things

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the “Internet of Things” and how technology will be changing the way we interact with our environment (or the way our environment interacts with us). There are all kinds of warm and fuzzy opinions about smart appliances and vehicles making our daily lives less tedious and more fulfilling. And there’s also a fair amount of doom and gloom expected from those who see this as the first step toward a post-human Orwellian nightmare landscape of people and products as interchangeable and expendable commodities to be bought and sold in the marketplace.

How Can Mobile Marketing Benefit Your Small Business?

It is the best of times, it is the age of technology and it is the era of immense opportunities. This scenario applies most strongly for small business. Thanks to sophisticated technology that is available today, a small business owner can level the playing field in a huge way.

Graphic Design Tips: 10 Secrets To Become Excellent Graphic Designer

The best way to get great at graphic design is to do something each and every day. Even if you only have ten to thirty minutes to devote to this activity on a daily basis, those small chunks of time will add up over the course of a few months.

How to Market Your Mobile App Effectively?

Each week, developers submit hundreds of thousands of apps into the various app markets. If you are a new developer, competition is cutthroat, and it is difficult to be successful. The market is very busy and it can be easy for your app to be lost.

Child Check-In Software – A Reality For Churches In 2014

You want to protect both children and your church. Child check-in is an integral part of any church management software with a good reason!

The Impact of Referral Hires on Your Work Culture

There is enough and more research to show that referral hires perform better and last longer than employees hired through other channels. Not only are employee referral programs more cost effective, if used effectively they also act as a great employee engagement initiative to significantly boost the morale of existing employees as employees appreciate the opportunity to participate in the process of building the team and organization and earning a reward in the process. However, there are other more subtle benefits as well to be reaped from a well-executed employee referral program.

What Do You Need in a Project Management App?

Are you considering a project management app as part of your organization’s strategy for tackling challenging projects? Such an application can be a terrific investment. In fact, more and more project leadership offices throughout the United States and the world are seeking out the best cloud-based software to make their projects a reality.

How to Select the Best Human Services Software Program

In past articles, we have explored the possibility of telecommuting in human services and nonprofit agencies. In this article, we will explore the features that are essential for a successful telecommuting option for human services professionals (as well as benefits to those professionals working in a more traditional setting). Flexibility While the missions of human service and non profits might be similar, there are differences in the laws and practices which need to be followed around the country.

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