Linux Tutorial Series – 60 – Recap

How Online Tools Can Enhance Project Collaboration

Project collaboration is one of the most important aspects of ensuring that any project concludes successfully. A lack of appropriate collaboration on any project can cause all kinds of problems that even the most experienced individual contributors may not be able to resolve: Poor Collaboration Causes Budget Overruns Every project is endowed in the beginning with a particular budget. Oftentimes, this budget is an estimate based on the best available data about what will be possible within the project’s time frame.

Why Businesses Big And Small Are Adopting Online Project Management

Online project management is becoming a more popular way for enterprises to organize their projects and keep them on track. There are several major trends that are converging and making it possible for businesses to get great results from online management of projects: 1) International Project Teams As time goes on, businesses expand their project teams to international scope in order to capture world-class expertise at a price that suits strategy. It may not always be possible for every team member to be present at the same meeting, so it is important to keep everyone appraised…

Microsoft Outlook: Searching Your Mailbox

Finding messages is simple in Outlook. You can use the Search feature, or create a Search Folder. Read this article to find out how.

IT Services for The BFSI Sector: Challenges and Solutions

The international banking industry has seen a lot of unprecedented changes and uncertainties since the global financial crisis. Along with the self-imposed restrictions, the stringent regulatory norms imposed by the monitoring bodies have further increased the burden and challenges faced by the banks.

Branching Out As a Freelance Accountant

If you have worked for an accountant’s company for a long time, you might think that it is time to branch out on your own and start your own accountants company.There could be many reasons for this. You could be fed up of the company making more money off your work, or you could just be sick of the daily grind and you want a more flexible work schedule. There is nothing wrong with having ambitions for yourself, but you have to be careful.

What Is Machine Translation?

There are several things machines (computers) can do these days; one need not depend on human beings for these tasks. Would it not be nice if you could feed a document in one language to the computer and get a perfect translated copy of the same? Businesses have gone global.

An Overview of Machine Translation Software

Localization of content has become inescapable as customers increasingly expect content in a language that they can understand. The amount of content that is becoming available has become huge and thus making content available in a localized language has become a big issue. Using the services of human translators is never going to be able to cope with this problem.

Self Service Business Intelligence Model

The term ‘self-service BI’ means different things to different people. In general terms, self-servicing BI (BISS) is the practice of serving and managing your information needs with the available tools, processes, and capabilities. Most (if not all) of the time, these tools and capabilities are made available by the IT department of your company. A self-service BI model may still require the partial involvement of the technical teams.

In This Fast Communication Era – Communication Is Still a Challenge for Offshore Product Development

We are living in the era of globalization and fast communication. Trends and means of telecommunication are changing rapidly bringing improvement in the overall economy of the country.

How to Make Your Presentation Standout

Are you aware that making use of a PowerPoint presentation often is among the most reliable method to address a substantial number of people? With such an assortment of learning variations, making use of a visual display enables you to access a massive number of people, especially those people that have to see it to believe it. Precisely what easier way than to make an excellent PowerPoint presentation!

Web Load Testing Tools Increase the Chances of an Effective Website

Having a website that is going to be effective will be very important for the success of many businesses. Customers that visit the site will want to be able to find out information that they need and be able to place orders that they need. Web load testing tools can help companies get the best websites that they can get.

Load Testing a Website Ensures Easy Access for Customers

There are a lot of different types of things that people will create a website for. Sometimes, it will be to sell products or services. Other times, it will be to relay information about something specific. Load testing of the website is going to ensure that it can handle the traffic that is being sent to it.

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