Linux Tutorial Series – 75 – Review

Backup WordPress, Transfer To A New Web-Host and Change The URL

We invest a lot of time and energy in our websites and sometimes desire to move them to another web-host which may seem scary when we have to do it. In this article, we will cover the steps and resources required to safely transfer your website and change the URL if desired. The below steps should be performed after you have registered your domain and hosting package with your new web host and logged into the Control Panel successfully.

Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Data Management Company

Technology is advancing at the speed of light and to keep pace with the competitors it is becoming increasingly important for companies to not just know what data they possess but to retrieve the right data at the right time to make strategic business decisions and keep ahead of the cut throat competition. SAP is increasingly being used by many companies today as their core enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.

How to Get Help When Starting a New Career in Design

A lot of people would change careers if they could. Everyone wants to be a designer at some point in their lives, but if they haven’t got any money when they are starting, then they won’t be able to buy the software that they need. They will have fallen at the first hurdle and they would have gone running straight back to the daily grind of their everyday job.

Saving Money When Your Business Is in Trouble

With the majority of countries being in recession, more and more businesses are collapsing and going out of business. One of the reasons for this is because they are not taking advantage of how modern technology can save them money.

A Project Tracking Software Gives You Full Control Over Projects

With a project tracking software, during a project’s execution, its affairs can be handled in a skillful manner and the status of its tasks and activities can be properly and precisely tracked from time to time. Thus any deviations or infirmities arising in it can be identified quickly and these can be promptly and effectively resolved even before they start affecting the project in a big way. So there are greater chances of a project becoming a success.

Why Barney Fife Could Not Close The Real Estate Deal

Legendary television character Barney Fife had a tendency to misplace the law enforcement tools he needed to apprehend criminals. If he didn’t forget to place the lone, department-issued bullet into his service revolver, Deputy Fife forgot handcuffs, misplaced keys to jail cells, and one time, the deputy from small town North Carolina could not find the town’s only patrol car.

How to Protect Your Privacy and Data

With increasing use of digital databases for storing all our records, data protection is central for ensuring that our most confidential information. Entangled in a web of insecurities and vulnerabilities, it remains essential that we deploy the best possible means to secure our private information from those who may profit or otherwise seek to devastate our lives for their amusement. In such circumstances, burden of responsibility does in fact impinge upon us to confront these threats using all means at our disposal.

How to Manage the Bill of Materials Throughout a Product Life Cycle?

Why do I need a bill of materials software to manage my BOMs? If you have ever asked one of the following questions, then this post can help.

How To Go About AOL Password Reset Procedure

AOL is the shortened name for America Online Inc., which is also one of the oldest email services that continue to exist till date. Originally the company had started out as Control Video Corporation in the year 1983, an entity that used to offer a downloadable video game on Atari video game console.

Know More About the Mozilla Firefox Portable

Mozilla Firefox is a popular name among the many web browsers known. The Portable Edition of Mozilla Firefox is an admired offering that has materialized the users’ need of a portable app for web browser.

What’s Inside the Samsung 7 Series All-In-One Desktop PC?

Today most renowned PC brands are releasing all-in-one computers. Samsung not remaining behind has recently unveiled Samsung Series 7 desktops that come with HDMI to ensure easy connection with monitors and devices simultaneously.

The Benefits of HIPAA Compliance Software

HIPAA compliance software is one of the tools that large and small businesses can utilize to reach their goals within a short time. Recent changes in HIPAA guidelines have made businesses directly responsible for the proper storage and authorized sharing of patient health information.

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