Linux Tutorial Series – 76 – Checkpoint

Five Reasons to Use Offshore Software Development

As the competitive age draws in, the ones not outsourcing suffer a competitive disadvantage as opposed to those who are. There are five main reasons behind why one should think about outsourcing the development of software.

How A Good Project Management Application Can Help You

Business owners and managers have plenty of decisions to make, and one of the biggest is that of choosing the tools to use to help your business thrive. If your company routinely has to tackle various projects and tasks, you may need to consider a solid project management application that is designed to simplify the process. It can seem like these programs are an expense you don’t have to deal with, but a closer look will help you understand why they’re an investment in a company’s future, not an expense to be avoided.

Efficient Hotel Management Software Saves Time and Money

It takes a lot to manage a hotel with all of the reservations, employees and different services that they can offer. Not all hotels will offer just a place to sleep. They may have a restaurant, offer laundry services or have a place that people can rent for weddings or business events. Hotel management software can help keep everything running smoothly.

The Keys to Mainframe and SOA Integration

Large-scale businesses will have to deal with giant amounts of data to present their employees, purchasers and dealers using proper, customized attention through their particular internal and organization documents. Mainframe applications and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) complement each other and, as such, can be used to improve and optimize operations.

Benefits of Using Hotel PMS

Anybody who is in charge of running a hotel will need to be able to keep track of a lot of different kinds of records. They want to do this the easiest and most efficient way possible. Hotel PMS is a choice that a lot of different managers have decided to use.

Encrypt Your Privacy in the War Against Data Theft and Surveillance!

Scholars within War Studies agree that the digital media has now transpired to another, perhaps most important, avenue of war and conflict. Recent events around the globe, increasingly demonstrate that our privacy is no longer as safe as it once was, and as it ought to be. Anarchy, lawlessness and malicious crime prevail on the web and digital media, which raises serious concerns pertaining to the well being and privacy of all.

The Advantages of Time Tracking Software for the Companies

The HR or the human resource department is one of the most important departments of the company or organization. This department keeps track of each and every detail of the company starting from salary to office working condition.

All Bets Are Off – Microsoft Takes One on the Chin From Their Own Team

Microsoft and Apple are vying for the modern choice for user friendly operating system. Microsoft have taken a hit to their sales due to the Windows 8 release. Or have they?

How to Easily Clear Web Browsing History on Google Chrome?

Google Chrome first released to the public in 2008 in 43 languages, at this time this was available for just Microsoft Windows. This fast, secured and simple browser is adorned with stability. Application performance and JavaScript Processing speed are two of Chrome’s biggest strengths.

File Integrity Monitoring, Why Your Security Is Compromised Without It – FIM for CCM

Introduction – This final article in the series of 3 focuses on one of the key security best practices that is usually the hardest to implement, one requiring wholesale organizational and cultural change within the IT Team: Change Management. FIM for Change Control and Change Management The forensic nature of file integrity management makes it the perfect technology to underpin a change management process. These processes are notoriously difficult to implement and operate.

Get Your Game On – Mac Vs PC

With the recent Super Bowl fresh on my mind, it’s time to go deep into the debate between Macs and PCs. I re­cruited Team Mac and Team PC to tackle the pros and cons of each.

You Need to Use an Account With Administrator Privileges to Install Windows 8.1

This article is about the error “You need to use an account with administrator privileges to install windows 8.1”. I will share the troubleshooting steps on how to fix it.

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