Linux Tutorial Series – 82 – The command path

Engage Your Audience More Effectively By Using Bulleted Lists

Paragraph upon paragraph of text can be overwhelming. Instead of paragraphs, you may want to consider creating bulleted lists when possible. Although bulleted lists are not appropriate for every type of communication, bulleted lists are appropriate for a variety of communications. Bulleted lists simplify and create highlights for your readers. This article teaches you how to create bulleted lists and even how to change the type of bullet.

PSD Converter Service

Photoshop is a very popular graphics editing program, launched by Adobe, which evolved in the late 1980s and went on to revolutionize the field of graphic design. Today it is the most widely used tool preferred by designers and photographers, both amateur and professional. One of the features that make it so sought-after is that it is so user-friendly, flexible, accessible and easily available. It’s literally a one-stop solution for almost all your designing requirements.

Why Healthcare Organizations Should Select a Hosted VDI in 2014

More than one-fourth of all computers in the world are still running the old operating system. There’s a way to upgrade to Windows that’s not costly, complex, or rife with compatibility issues, and that’s by signing up for Windows 7 or Windows 8 hosted desktops or managed server hosting from a cloud desktop provider.

Create Meaningful Apps With the PUSH

Research states that in today’s busy world, the best way to reach out to any person is to reach them on their cell phone. Did you also know that these cell phones are within 3 feet of their reach 22 hours a day/365 days a year. Looking at the amount of time individuals are spending on mobile phones these days, particularly smart phones, makes us understand that the fact that web users will decrease by the year 2012, causing a significant increase in the number of mobile phone users in the coming years. We have tried the bulk email marketing technique too, to reach out to more and more consumers but the response rate or email open rate was not more than 4% to 10% within the first 2 days. But as we see increasing mobile users, the mobile push notification or text messages have a relative 98% chance of being viewed by the end user when received. We have our own examples in front of us to understand general behavior of mobile users.

Boost Your Real Estate Business With Software Technology

Real estate transaction software help real estate agents and brokers go digital and say goodbye to office stationery and piles of folders and documents. Real estate software automate and digitize several key real estate operations such as archives maintenance and access, transaction management, setting up of check-lists and reminders, document management and getting important signatures on essential documents.

Turn a Physical Linux or Windows Machine Into A Virtual Machine for Free

An open source and free way to turn your physical Linux or Windows machine into a virtual machine saved to a VHD. Then upload and run that virtual machine on Azure (or any web services that can run Windows or Linux and install Virtual Box inside of it). This will rely heavily on Virtual Box and Redo Backup and Recovery which are both open source and free to use.

What Project Management Software Can Do

Not only does project management software aid in increasing productivity, it develops communication between remote team members. However, these are not the only features of project management software but this article will discuss only nine of them.

Work Order Management Software

The Work Order Management Software is a futuristic intelligent system that deals with providing mobile based workforce management. This means that now you can cater your customer needs in a more effective and efficient manner.

Join the Growing Trend of Telecommuting Companies

If you haven’t joined the telecommuting trend, what are you waiting for? Assuming it’s done correctly, both your company and your employees will soon enjoy the many advantages that telework has to offer!

Let Excel Do the Work for You! Use Formulas for Calculations

This article reviews step-by-step directions for creating formulas in Microsoft Excel. It includes an in-depth discussion of: the mathematical operators used in formulas, the order of precedence rules used in Excel formulas, and how to enter a formula. It also includes a handful of Excel formulas and the results you would get if you entered the formula in Excel. This directions in this article can be used to create formulas in any version of Microsoft Excel.

Essentials for Creating a Letter Using Microsoft Word

This article reviews step-by-step directions for creating the essential components of a letter in Microsoft Word: the date, the inside address, the salutation, the body, the complimentary close and the signature and title. This applies to any version of Microsoft Office.

Promote Your Website Through Open Source Web Development

Technology changes every day, and the newer versions most of the times are better than the old ones. IT expert strives hard to keep updated with the latest versions of the technology, so that they can use it effectively for benefiting their clients. Software development is considered to be one of the latest trends, and open source development plays an important role here.

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