Linux Tutorial Series – 83 – Modifying environment variables

Components Needed For Web Based Project Management

Regardless of the size of a firm, each and every business embarks on projects. Some projects are small and department-specific, while others revamp the company. Some companies are working on many all at one time.

Finding the Right Management Software for Your Non-Profit

Many times, in an effort to conserve funds, nonprofit organizations make due with a collection of software that they attempt to use to manage their business. With the increased availability of mobile applications, there are several which can be used to help caseworkers stay on top of their caseload (calendars, file storage, contact lists, etc.). There are many productivity applications for Windows, Android and in the iTunes market. Many of the tools available are also low cost or perhaps free.

Tips For How To Improve Your Restaurant

Whether your restaurant is based in a hotel or in the middle of a city, you will always want to look for ways to improve. Even if you have had success over the years, there will come a time when you want to change so the idea of the restaurant does not get stale.

Dragging Your Hotel Into The 21st Century

Hotels are very expensive to run. That is why only the larger chain hotels survive when there is a recession. They are able to lower the cost of their rooms and still make a profit. Which also makes it easier for them to update their hotel at least once a year.

Take Control Of Your Small Business With Online Employee Scheduling Software

Introduction of scheduling software into business processes has many advantages. Learn how employee scheduling software can streamline your business operations.

Document Management, Content Management and a Single Version of the Truth

At the end of last year we were asked to write an article about document management for a magazine. As we began we realised that the term ‘document management’ is rather misleading in today’s context, and that ‘content management’ would be a better fit. It is the data within the document – the content – that drives the processing and for efficient processing all relevant content must be available, accessible and current at every stage of the process, and accurate. This is where maintaining a ‘single version of the truth’ comes in.

For Bread and Butter Spend – Things Like Stationery and Computers

The title of this article is taken from an article which appeared in ‘The Guardian’ earlier in the week. The article was about the importance of universities collaborating on procurement, and all very interesting and informative. But it was this phrase that particularly stood out for me. ‘Bread and butter spend’… on yes, stationery, definitely – but, computers? Bread and butter, and computers? It’s the suggestion of basic and fundamental that the term ‘bread and butter’ has for me and which stopped me in my tracks. Then of course, it became clear, when I thought about just how central technology has become to life in the 21st century.

SCADA and the Video Game Generation

In an increasingly automated world, a generation of video game enthusiasts is poised to apply their hard-won gaming skills to controlling real-world processes. Parents are flabbergasted.

Citrix XenApp – Remote Desktop For Companies

For those who are looking for remote desktop, Citrix XenApp is one of the popular software that you would like to have. Read about XenApp and learn how it can make life easier for you and your company.

Step by Step Progress of iOS As an Operating System – The Reasons Behind Its Success

The first iPhone released by Steve Jobs was unveiled in January, 2007 and today we can avail phones running on iOS 7. The will of Apple to make the most recent iOS way better than its predecessor has made it one of the most popular operating system ever. Let’s have a quick look at all the individual attractive features that Apple included in various versions of iOS.

Tips to Ensure High-Quality PSD to WordPress Conversion

In the recent years, businesses have gone global, as a result of the prompt availability of in-hand technological aids. A website has been the most notable technological aid among the other aids made available for business owners. Unlike earlier, websites are no longer confined to be a medium that helps in making your business an online brand, but also helps in generating good revenues.

The Types Of Project Management Systems

There are many different kinds of project management systems. Before selecting any type for your company and putting it to use, it’s best to get a little knowledge about what each one is good for and which one is best for you. Desktop And Web Desktop systems are what you find in most offices.

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