Linux Tutorial Series – 9 – Installing Linux

Purchasing Call Centre Software

Contact Center solutions may appear similar on the surface, but once you start asking specific questions you will realize that not all of them will address your needs… Make sure you consider the future of your contact centre. Customer demands are continually changing and contact centre technology is rapidly innovating. Don’t choose a solution that just suits your current needs. It is important that other channels can be added without having to wait for your suppliers to develop these or have to pay high integration costs for a separate system…

Instant Messengers for Enterprises and Data Privacy

Instant messengers for enterprises deliver productivity through communication without compromising the privacy and security of the communication often exchanged at the enterprise level. Learn how.

Restaurant Management Software for a Centralized POS System

A great POS System is the one which can handle heavy inventory traffic in an efficient and error free manner. It should perform all managerial functions and work as per the floor plan. Most importantly, it is expected to work seamlessly even during rush hours and record all inventory flow on timely basis.

Excel Tip – How To Find Merged Cells In Excel

Merged cells have their place in MS Office documents, especially in Word when using a table. They give great flexibility in layout options. There is a big difference between using them in Word and then Excel. Excel cells will probably contain formulas or calculations or data which may link then into other worksheets in the same work book, or cells in another work book. Excel interprets the contents of the merged cells as being contained in the top left cell of your range of cells. This article explains why not avoid using merged cells and how to quickly identify any in your Excel work books.

Excel Tip – How To Automatically Insert The Euro Symbol In Excel

If you live in the Euro zone or have to represent the Euro Symbol in your Excel work you may notice that it is not always displayed as being available on your keyboard. Depending on your keyboard it may be a little tricky to find actually where and how you can type the symbol into your Excel worksheet. First of all we need to how to find out where your symbol is stored and how to get access to it. The article will show you how to access the codes and how to type them into Excel.

Best Features for a Non-Profit Software

As a non-profit organization, program or agency, it is crucial for you to locate inclusive non-profit software that is capable of reporting and measuring your efforts, as well as organizing results of the work of your organization. Matching the resources and funding to the effective social services of a non-profit organization can be a daunting task. Here are three important features to include in any management software.

Project Management Applications: How They Can Save Your Next Project

There are many things that can go wrong while working on a company project. You can be understaffed, not have enough time, have conflict between individuals, have breakdowns in communication, and even have tasks forgotten or mis-identified. The end result is what no project manager wants, an extension beyond the original deadline.

Robust Expense Report Software Helps With End to End Travel and Expense Management

Instead of using third parties or manual practices which make the travel and expense management process inefficient, organizations can deploy expense report software to make the process efficient and optimal. Different integrated tools that come with the software help with end to end management.

Things to Know About Expense Reimbursement Software

With expense reimbursement software, organizations can manage their expense management processes in a systematic manner. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the things that you might not know about this solution.

Improve Expense Reporting With Online Expense Report Software

Manual expense management practices are tedious and increase processing times unnecessarily. In this article, we’ll see how online expense report software improves this tedious process and makes it simple and convenient.

What to Look For When Buying Chiropractic Management Software

Chiropractic management software is to help you manage every aspect of your practice in an effective and convenient way. The packages concentrate on three important elements of any business, product, people and process. Bringing the three “p’s” together is imperative to ensure success and streamline your daily activities to ensure that your practice provides outstanding patient care while still concentrating on the daily tasks needed to push your business to the next level.

Advantages of Chiropractic Billing Software

Chiropractic billing software can offer your practice a host of advantages moving forward. As a business owner you have many things to take into consideration in addition to ensuring you always provide the highest levels of patient care.

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