Linux Tutorial Series – 96 – Process IDs, owners etc.

How Market Regulators are making the Stock Market a Safe Investment Option

Public investment in the stock market has been on the decline which is a worrying trend for this significant capital sourcing channel. The main reason for declining investment rates has been cases of market fraud and other forms of market abuse, which have made many public investors, consider the stock market to be an unsafe investment channel. However, this state of affairs has not gone without notice on the part of the regulators tasked with providing oversight for the market.

Predictive Analysis – Power to Predict

WHY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IS SO CRITICAL IN TELECOM SECTOR? The New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman wrote in a paper that ‘Average is over’.

Exploring Techniques in Corrective and Preventive Action Part 2

We wrapped up our last conversation discussing corrective and preventive actions as they relate to the requirements of ISO 9001 so we will start where we left off looking at requirements. Corrective actions in ISO 9001 can be found in clause 8.5.2, requirements (A) through (F) beginning with the general requirement “The organization shall take action to eliminate the causes of nonconformities to prevent their recurrence… “

New Apps for Unlimited Music

Tuning into music using iTunes or Pandora or Spotify is all that one seems to require for creating personalized music collection. However, it won’t hurt if you find other apps or tools that will help you discover music. It is all about getting the most out of what you actually desire, different genres, artists, albums and music that fills your soul. Some of us might even want to tune into some oldies back from the days of the yore. Whatever the reason might be you need to find more tools to help you get exactly what you are looking for. Here is a list of seven tools that will help you discover more music.

Why Choose to Upgrade to Windows 8.1?

Windows 8.1 has arrived to make a significant impact upon technology users worldwide. However, now the biggest question for a Windows 8 user is to upgrade it or not. It is always sensible to upgrade the software for numerous reasons and seems to be a sensible decision for keeping up to date with the latest technology. Before long, you decide anything it is essential to know what you are getting and what you might miss if you refrain from upgrading to Windows 8.1.

Using Channel Management Software Will Improve OTA Ranking Without Cost Of Commission

Most people use large online travel agency (OTA) channels to book their hotel stays. This makes hotels a slave to their systems, especially when it comes to the commission they have to pay to the OTAs. Investing in channel management software will help hotels continue to improve their rankings while saving significant amounts of money by not paying OTA commission.

Finding a Suitable Service for the Most Advanced Thermal Receipt Printers

Setting up a POS system is a mandatory necessity of every brick-and-mortar business. You would need thermal receipt printers, barcode scanners, pole displays and other appliances. See whether a single service can meet all your requirements.

Hadoop + esProc Help You Replace IOE

A new way to alleviate database/data warehouse expansion pressure. As database/data warehouse expansion is very costly, why replace IOE is becoming so critical..

The Advantages Of Using Microsoft Sharepoint

There are many IT solutions to help business owners like you manage your data effectively. This article today focusses on one highly recommended software solution – Microsoft Sharepoint.

Data Quality Management Is Vital To CRM System Efficiency

CRM Systems are vital to the customer information database of a business. Which is why, data quality management is a must to get the best out of these systems.

Key Reasons For Failure Of Data Management Solutions

Master data management is a continuous process which evolves over time. It is essential that the right tools and correct people handle its implementation, for best results.

Data Governance Tools That Support The Functioning Of MDM Solutions

Master data management is a long-term continuous process. Various tools and strategies play an important role in enhancing the functioning of the process.

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