Linux Tutorial Series – 98 – Background and foreground processes

The Benefits Of Using Electronic Health Record Software

EHR or Electronic Health Record software is a very popular part of medical world. But why is it so famous? Let us look at some of its benefits and the reasons why you should choose them.

Undertake Capacity Planning in the IT Industry for DBMS Software

This article highlights the importance for IT Staff to initiate analytical capacity reports when major changes are implemented in business. Where the IT Network will be impacted by these changes to business operations especially the Database Management System (DBMS) software.

When To Upgrade Your Digital Asset Management System

Operating a Digital Asset Management system is becoming increasingly popular among businesses these days. It is difficult for some managers to decide when they should change things up for their data organization software. They are wondering when the time is right for the company to upgrade their software package, which is an important consideration.

Creating a ‘Single Version of the Truth’

‘Single version of the truth’ is a phrase heard more and more in IT, and its importance is being recognised increasingly in other departments in business. It means organising and maintaining one source for any particular piece of information. There’s little possibility of achieving a ‘single version of the truth’ with paper documents and data and information spread across departments and locations, and even with electronic documents challenges exist. However, a document management or content management platform can create this one source for information.

Features of an Advanced Database Security System

For many years, companies have been plagued with the problem on information theft primarily due to a weak security system. Years of study have made it possible to point to a single root cause and that is, the singularity of information source. Using this data, modern programmers created a database security solution that works by automated data-splitting.

Telling The Difference: Wireframes, Prototypes, Mockups

Design of a software product is more than a sketch that roughly explains how it’s supposed to look and work. It’s an elaborate piece of work that allows developers to understand, what must be done, how they must do it, and how long it’s supposed to take.

How Stress Testing Software Will Save Time and Money

Performance testing software is very important to test the capacity and durability of applications and systems. One of the most important tests to run on applications is stress testing. Stress testing software will put the system under heavy workloads in order to test if the system will hold up under extreme loads.

All About Load Testing Software for Application Performance

In order to make sure applications are running smoothly, it is important to implement performance testing. There are six categories of performance testing – load, stress, soak, spike, configuration, and isolation. Load testing is most often used to test performance because it is the simplest way to understand the behaviour of the system under an expected load.

Everything to Know About Performance Testing

Application performance testing helps see if an application if performing as it should. Tasks are used, usually in software, which helps determine this. If the application is not performing correctly, then software will determine the best way for the problem to be corrected. There are many features and benefits to performance testing software.

Using 40% of Your Software?

Staffing software is the core of any competitive staffing company. Why is it then that most companies only use 40% of the features their software contains?

Using Named Ranges in Your Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

Are you using named ranges in your Excel spreadsheets? Find out about the benefits of using a named range rather than regular cell referencing. Follow these simple steps to add this useful skill to your Excel box of tools.

Three-Fold Benefits by Efficient HRIS Solutions

The engagement of HR teams in the organizational administrative and strategic tasks is increasingly intensifying. For the same, today’s corporate culture requires such competitive HRIS software solutions that can benefit the organization in a multifaceted manner. Apart from reducing burden on human resource teams, they need to cater other aspects as well and help in effective data analysis and decision making.

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