More Ricing and Scripting in i3WM – LIVE

The Importance of SAP BW Training

SAP BW is the fastest growing field in IT due to a massive shortage in qualified employees. Learn why so many businesses are switching to SAP BW to gain a competitive advantage.

Timesheets – A One-Time Solution for Business

Time, if valued appropriately will yield maximum results. For any business, time management is a prime factor in determining the success of an organization. Timesheets provide an optimal solution to the crucial time & people management and are vital for the health of a company.

Outlook SMS: Easiest Way to Stay Connected With Your Consumers

Today is the world of speedy communication. To lead a successful business entity, healthy communication is vital. In the absence of good communication with your target audience, information about your product or services will not reach them.

MS Excel Tutorial – Specifying Workbook Properties In Excel

The more information you have stored on you Excel file properties the easier it will be to find. In Windows you can search for files based on the file’s author or it’s title or by certain keywords associated with that file. You can also search on the document status and comments relating to your work book. Adding this type of Meta Data greatly increases your ease of searching for Excel work books. This tutorial will show you how to make the most of this great feature in Microsoft Excel.

Windows 8: It’s for Tablets, Not for Your PC – Don’t Make a Complete Fool of Yourself

Don’t make a fool of yourself by upgrading to Windows 8 in a hurry. Windows 8 is made for tablets, not for your PC.

Using Third-Party Apps on Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest development in Windows by Microsoft and it comes with a lot of pre-loaded apps and features. However, in an attempt to get more out of your Windows you may be on a look out for third-party apps for enhanced user experience. Let us find out the eight most essential apps that are compatible with Windows 8 and help you achieve the best user experience.

How to Best Utilize IT Resources Using Resource Scheduling Software

In our current day and age during an era where the IT industry stands tall and strong, it is necessary to ensure that its rigidity is constantly revitalised with internal efficiency. In order to maintain such efficiency, advanced resource scheduling software is required in order to have complete visualisation of resources, make sure utilization levels are high and to have the ability to match demand with resource capacity.

Transforming Businesses, Transforming Economies

International business leaders and small scale entrepreneurs are regularly facing an era of unprecedented shift. The fluctuations are unpredictable and drifting enterprises to the aimless zone.

The Elusive Anomalistic Virtual Dot Of Original Information and Thought

The other day, I was looking at one of those really cool visualizations of all the Internet activity and all the social networks. It’s really fun to look at all the data, and even engage in thoughts of how to design the best algorithm for predicting societal trends, and interacting with big data. Then, I considered where my own dot on that 2D or 3D visualization map might be.

Simple Mac Video Trimming With QuickTime Pro

Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s Premiere Elements both offer a free 30-day trial period. However, my needs were very simple, and I found them both way too complicated. All I wanted to do, was to remove certain portions of my existing videos. I found that Apple’s QuickTime Pro version 7 was exactly what I was looking for.

How to Compete Against Computer Data When Performing Humanitarian Efforts

Indeed, every time I turn around at our think tank, someone has put forth a new humanitarian plan of some type. The United Nations Habitat for Humanity program has so much data, analytical modeling, and research studies to go with it, that one could get drowned in the data. It is sometimes unfortunate when I read these research papers, often many of them in series, as they often disagree with each other. It’s as if it is dueling statistics, all the while it’s hard to tell which ones are trying to promote an agenda, and which ones are giving the factual information.

Software for Churches

Churches, synagogues, and other church related organizations have to do a lot of work to keep their operations on track. Software’s for churches are normally involved in integrated networking tools that are hard wired in helping to stay in connection, could communicate and build community.

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