Nobara Linux First Look – A True Gaming Distro?

What Happens If You Forgot Your Excel Password?

One nifty feature of Excel is the ability to password protect your spreadsheets. This helps to keep any secure information on your spreadsheets safe from prying eyes. So if you’ve got something like your financial data that you can – and should – protect, then it’s almost essential that you protect it with a password.

A Few Points You Should Remember While Hiring iPhone Developers

With the usher of smartphones in the market, the craze for tuning up these devices with the latest applications have also pushed the new trend of developing the personalized features. Equipping the mobile with excellent features can help you to perform all the necessary tasks with a great ease.

A Guide on SharePoint Designer and Benefits

Being the fastest growing Microsoft product, SharePoint assists you to organize documents, save and locate at a central location. SharePoint is the free tool for building, designing and customizing websites running on SharePoint server or SharePoint Foundation.

Digital Asset Management Explained

When you’re starting out in the photography or media business, having the proper tools of trade to be successful is crucial to surviving. Changing technology and the prevalence of the Internet in our everyday lives means that the way we communicate and do business has and is still evolving rapidly. Aside from the latest in camera and graphic processing technologies, digital asset management software has become a necessity for file security, data management and client interaction.

Exchange BKF to PST Conversion – Best Option to Avoid BKF Data Loss

BKF data is treated as the silver line in the dark cloud of data loss or corruption covering the original documents, but what if the BKF file itself got corrupted??- Consider the scenario of BKF corruption under Exchange environment and to give the best solution to save data from BKF is to convert BKF to PST as when data is available in PST format then it is easy and free to be accessed in independent MS® Outlook platform without the server connection also.

Successful Cloud Management Needs a New Generation Of Tools

Cloud management tools play an essential role in automated delivery of high quality IT services. So you don’t want administration of these tools to turn into another legacy system-styled administration challenge that hinders the sought-after efficiency of the cloud.

Achieve Your Objectives Through Software

Using volunteer software programs can help you manage people, set plans in motion, and monitor processes anytime, anywhere. The technology also offers more than just handling volunteers and their activities. It makes sure you enact change and make a difference in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Answering Common Questions About Web Project Management

When someone first hears about the concept of web project management, many questions can come to mind. Here are some of the common questions and answers: 1. Is project data secure if you use a web-based management system?

Time Billing Software Specialized for Small Business

There is new time billing software for small business. The billing software provides customization features that simplify billing, client tracking, financial management and project management. Small businesses, worldwide, can now take advantage of this billing software to overall better manage accounts receivable.

How to Uninstall Dot Net Framework 3.5 Properly

Do you have trouble in uninstalling .Net Framework? Are you seeking to uninstall the software safely? In this article, you will manage to uninstall it form your system.

Security Model of Dot NET Development

While developing websites or web applications on .NET technology, the developers tend to follow the security model which makes the hosting, service offerings and coding more credible. Further more, majority of the offshore Web Application Development Companies have also developed their own security management model which is generally utilized by the experts to make a perfect project delivery.

Growing Importance of Technology in Schools

Technology is important for the progress of various sectors; professional, industrial and personal. It has transformed into a necessity in our everyday lives. Today, we can’t live without using technological gadgets and apps. For example, whether you talk of a microwave or coffee maker, radio or television, cell phones or computers, all these are nothing but babies of technological inventions. Up until 60 years ago, hardly anyone dreamt of using a computer. Now, we cannot live without it. In schools and colleges, we see the growing importance of using computers and such other mobile devices to foster better learning experiences.

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