Part 1 – Unix/Linux for Testers | File Commands

4 Testing Myths Unwrapped for the Software Testers

Software Testing is not considered as a promising career that has much potential and scope in future. However, it’s not the fact, as there are various myths that are prevalent in the market regarding this interesting domain. Some of them have risen up due to ignorance, while few have come up due to overconfidence in other fields.

What Are the Business Benefits of Call Recording Software?

Why do you need call recording software? The benefits of call recording are many and organizations have started using it to improve customer service and staying ahead of competition. You need to understand that call recording applications go beyond simple recording of calls.

Why Companies Worldwide Should Embrace Enterprise Resource Planning Services

All these benefits speak highly of ERP in general. And if the solution is as good as the NAV or AX are, then companies are all set to experience a roller coaster of a ride working on the same.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow: What’s on the Cards?

Recently Google announced that the upcoming version of its operating system will be numbered Android 6.0, and called Marshmallow. The announcements killed loads of rumours and speculations surrounding Android M, the developer preview unveiled by Google on 28th May 2015. Google has announced that the final version of Marshmallow will be released in fall 2015. But several websites have reported that the final version of Android will be released by October.

CAD Software Tools For Interior Designers

Nowadays, an interior designer must know the CAD software tools in order to be competitive and successful on the market. These tools became a fundamental part of interior design business.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of 2D CAD

2D CAD has been around for many years and is a software solution which is now used in a number of industries throughout the world. Used mostly in the building industry, we see this type of software being used by architects, builders, structural companies, interior designers, landscapers and more.

Why Use 2D Cad Drawings?

Companies around the world use 2D CAD drawings on a daily basis to ensure that their business runs smoothly and they save time and money. This type of software solution is used in architectural and building companies, landscaping companies, interior design companies and so much more.

Benefits Of Mobile Billing Apps

The ever-improving smartphone technology has helped traders and business owners in a number of ways. It has made their life simple and convenient by enabling them to conduct business from anywhere. A process like billing which was considered time consuming earlier, can now be done safely, quickly and remotely.

Why More and More People Are Migrating to Cloud Based Software

A growing trend in the world today is one of the transition to cloud based computing. This can be seen to happen for people running various different types of business in numerous different countries in the world. Yet why is cloud based software becoming so popular and so widely used?

Technology Changes the Beauty Business

Salons offer plenty of people with a variety of looks that they can easily customize and maintain themselves. Any salon owner will know how tough it is to manage every possible aspect in their business- right from buying of your materials to booking the appointments for your customers.

The Importance, Role and Functionalities of Software Companies in Durgapur

The software companies in Durgapur hire highly trained and skilled professionals in serving the customers on time and delivering projects that surpass a customer’s expectations. They provide innovative, accurate, up to date and cost effective ways to meet a client’s need and also provide after sales service.

Why Should You Have An App Development Service Provider by Your Side?

Online business success depends upon the functionality and performance of the website. For this purpose, you need many software applications. More than the ready-made Mobile Apps that are good for generalized use, individually evolved and developed apps will yield more profitable results in any online business. Here you can see what those benefits are.

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