Part 3 – Unix/Linux for Testers | touch, pwd & ls Commands

Hire An Experienced Salesforce Implementation Partner And Get More Leads

Managing customers and their requirements successfully is essential for any business to expand its base and realize it objectives. So, the first target for your business is to become organized and keep its processes streamlined. After all, only an organized business can understand their customers fully; only then can it expect to find new opportunities and grow to meet its potential.

A Change in the Modern Way of Testing and Learning

It doesn’t matter where you come from, every nation in the world is facing the same problem – how to make the teaching, learning and testing process more effective. Modern technology and software may provide us with an answer.

Web-Based Solutions for Maintaining Compliance in Trade

Export is one of the most complicated issues in these days. But before proceeding, you should abide by trade rules and regulations. Failing to follow export rules, companies have to face several consequences like paying huge fines and loss of trade license.

Here Comes Automated Testing!

What do you know about automated testing? Some of you have probably tried it before or you just have a general idea about automated testing. But in any case, you’ll be interested in reading this post.

List Of Things To Do When Starting A New ArchiCAD Project

When you are launching the ArchiCAD program, you can immediately start working. But then you are ignoring the power of this tool. This article will help you to recognize a few things you should do when you start a new project.

5 Reasons for Choosing CAD Drafting Over the Manual Drafts

CAD or Computer Aided Design has revolutionized the world of drafting by becoming a primary source of communication with the help of the designing intents. In the bygone days, paper and pencils were the only sources which people used for creating sketches. This goes without saying that this process was tremendously time-consuming as well as repetitive. However, the advent of the computers has changed the traditional mode and what we get today is a much simpler way of doing things.

Expansion of Telematics Beyond UBI

Telematics have emerged as a rising reform in driver safety and insurance norms. Businesses all over the world continue to adapt Usage-based-insurance (UBI) to provide tailored services using Telematics. Here’s an overview to the world of possibilities with Telematics beyond UBI.

How Organizations Can Benefit From Database Performance Management

The production and consumption of data have grown by several folds over the course of the last decade and with the growth database are now required to be more dynamic and complex in terms of their functionality. Database Performance Management systems in this regard have emerged as an immensely important tool for many large scale IT systems.

Keeping Staffing Data Secure Is Not a Lost Cause

Your staffing business provides an appetizing target for hackers. However, keeping staffing data secure is not an act of futility. Staffing software helps.

Understanding the Necessity of Email Continuity Services

Email continuity ensures 100% uptime of email services and helps you to go about the daily business operations without any disruptions. Read on to know more about the benefits of email continuity and understand why it is so relevant.

Mobile Invoicing App – Smart Way to Plan a Business

Invoicing is the heart of any business. It is one of the fundamental parts of a business. A business can’t run easily or survive without appropriate invoicing strategies and frameworks. An invoice receipt is a non-debatable business instrument that is issued by a merchant to the purchaser. The need of invoicing is an absolute necessity for business. It is must and a business cannot prosper without proper invoicing methods.

Social Casino App: The Path to Series A Funding

A new startup is built upon an idea and once the idea is converted into a product, often comes a stage where the need arises for Series A Funding to further expand the company, add new features to the product, retain employees etc. Via funding from VCs, companies like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have become what they are today.

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