Part 5 – Unix/Linux for Testers | who, whoami, hostname, uptime, cal & date Commands

Getting The Right Hotel Reservation System

Over the past few years that hotel industry has seen enormous growth and most of the credit of this can be attributed to the advent of the Internet. Most if not all hotels and other accommodation properties now offer guests the convenience of making hotel bookings online.

Why Taking An Excel Class In Person Helps You Master The Material

These days, there is no lack of ways to learn online. Most programs reel you in with promises that you can do this at home, in your spare time. References to learning in your pajamas are often made as if they are a true draw in your ability to master a new skill.

Exploring the Features of Qlikview Software

Qlikview is a program by Qlik that is used for creating and managing an infrastructure of reports and dashboard data within a client server system. It presents a high level of analysis details on the network infrastructure for access-permitted users. Some software handles independent reporting and dashboard data on an individual basis, customized by the user.

Managing Different OTA Extranets Simultaneously With a Hotel Channel Manager

Global hotel owners know that a hotel channel manager simplifies OTA management for their property. The way this approach functions, will be elucidated upon here. For the records, independent hoteliers build a large and widely distributed sales network that steers clear of stand-alone sales channels.

2 Ways to Stop Overspending on IT

Your main office hosts 30 nodes, and there are multiple locations out in the field with anywhere from 3-8 computers. Managing distributed PCs is a nightmare and you need a tool to better manage your systems remotely, software deployment, Microsoft patches updates, and run script commands.

4 Quintessential Attributes of Online Project Management

Online project management has its benefits. The advantages are unparallel if you compare them with in-house software or conventional project management tools. However, simply because the practice of online management is rewarding doesn’t necessarily imply that every solution is worthwhile.

Big Data for Better Healthcare Delivery

How often do you hear Big Data, Mobility, Security and Cloud Computing are rapidly transforming the Healthcare Industry? Well, the answer to this is – often enough to realize that they are important technologies. These omnipresent technologies are opening doors to new possibilities for hospitals, researchers, doctors and patients.

SMAC & DevOps 2016 Predictions: The Technology Trend That Will Dominate 2016

Digital marketing, mobility analytics, computing (SMAC) & DevOps make their way into CIOs top 10 technology priorities in 2016. Given fast evolving technology landscape and increasing demand to keep pace with the disruptive changes, businesses today more than ever need to be aware of what technologies will take center stage in the future. And needless to say advantage goes to those that can respond to rapidly changing demands.

Financial Software a Dominant Requirement of NBFC

Non-banking finance companies or NBFCs execute multiple accounting functions, which are made easy by the accounting software. The need and urgency of these software in NBFCs increase with the growth of the organization in commercial prospect.

Choose The Best CRM For Your Business With Salesforce Consultants

An efficient business is a successful business. And prosperity never leaves the door of an organization where time management is a foremost priority. Similarly, no business can afford to ignore the interests of their customers as this leads to loss of sales and revenue chances. And organizations where processes are not streamlined don’t rise beyond a bare minimum level. In a sense, we need to have a system in place that takes care of time, processes, customer relationships and business goals management.

Healthcare Software Development Is Changing Business

Healthcare software development is changing the way businesses work to offer quality and cost-effective care in the emerging world. It caters to the need of legacy modernization, standard processes, operational support and integration.

Practical Tips For Magento Performance Optimization

Magento is one of the most popular platforms for creating online stores. If it is not fine tuned for optimal performance, the overall impression that it creates on your prospective customers is negatively impacted. Here are a few tips for performance optimization that you can implement.

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