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Making The Most of Workforce Scheduling Software

How you manage our mobile workforce across all the levels that you are looking after is important to the progress of your organization and its success. It is vital therefore that you have a clear understanding of how workforce scheduling software works and how you can use it for the betterment of your company.

Converting Sony XAVC to AVI For Easier Playback

When you have several different recordings on the Sony XAVC format you will soon discover there are some difficulties with playback on a Windows PC or Mac. In order to view the recordings it is necessary to convert the original XAVC recording into a more user-friendly format, such as AVI, which is a fully acceptable format on most computers and mobile devices. XAVC is one of the latest formats to be introduced by Sony.

QuickBooks Hosting For Small And Medium Scale Business Enterprises

Small and medium scale business enterprises require enhanced accounting solutions for better maintenance of their day-to-day accounting tasks. How can QuickBooks hosting help them?

Has The Time Arrived For Small Businesses To Consider SaaS ERP?

ERP has always been regarded as an enterprise software for large corporate only. But cloud ERP software development is changing the market scenario for SMBs fast.

Transform Your Email Marketing Platform With the Right Auto Responder Package

Autoresponders have changed the face of internet marketing. List animals and other such list programs help develop and build bonds between businesses and clients.

Network Wide Traffic Control in Mobile Backhaul Networks

The all-IP trend and the explosive growth of mobile data services have imposed higher demands on the wireless backhaul networks that require capital-intensive investments in order to keep up with the ever increasing backhaul capacity. Network Operators are eagerly researching ways to minimize this investment. A business procedure to do that, is via network sharing. Even in this scenario, where two or more operators share the backhaul network, an increase in the bandwidth utilization and thus the efficiency in the mobile backhaul network must be researched and implemented.

Why Is the TMN Model Still Useful in Network Management After All These Years?

TMN refers to a set of standards by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-T) covering a wide range of topics related to the principles for how to manage telecommunication networks. This article explains why although the commercial importance of TMN is limited and is, in fact, decreasing, it remains invaluable.

SNMP and Network Management – Challenges of Wireless Mobile Back-Haul Management

The explosive growth of mobile data services due to the popularity of smartphones and tablets that consume bandwidth with applications such as YouTube, Vimeo and others, have imposed higher demands on the wireless back-haul networks. This article presents and analyzes the challenges that SNMP-based Network Management Systems are facing today, in order to efficiently configure, provision and supervise modern wireless back-haul networks.

10 Effective Ways To Promote A Mobile App

To have a great finished mobile app is only half of the work. What matters then, is submittal and promotion. Here are 10 most effective ways to promote your application.

Web Operating System (WebOS)

The web operating system is different things to different people. Until now, use of the term has been much freer than is good for the sake of clarity and preciseness. For some people, a web operating system is merely an interface between a human user and web applications and services. This interface is basically an integrated collection of applications and services from the web – that is to say, each application concerned can be accessed through the WebOS. Other people insist that a WebOS should have an interface that lets the end user pick, make and discard applications at will. Some would agree but only if it also has the ability to save user settings for various users of the same system.

Choosing the Right Time Management Software to Raise Productivity

For any businessman or entrepreneur, managing schedules and work hours can be difficult. Here are some tips on how to choose the right time management software that can ease the stress of a busy work week, improve productivity and direct workflow.

Why CLM Is Imperative to Implement Anyway

The bottom line of this piece is Closed Loop Marketing addresses all the challenges by paradigm shift from push to pull marketing strategy. Organizations willing to spend are already reaping great dividends. It’s your choice if you want to open the doors of opportunity!

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