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SharePoint Consulting – Use Business Intelligence Features to Make Calculated Decisions

Importance of decision making based on numbers – Making decisions based on intuition and experience may bring enterprises’ revenues down. Decisions based on numbers yield better results and ensure predictive business outcomes, drive revenues and help in business continuity planning. An enterprise which relies on decisions based on information outperform and produce better results. While decisions based on available numbers and information are crucial, today an enterprise’s business intelligence system should be in a position to provide real-time and accurate information.

SharePoint Consulting for Healthcare – Improve Collaboration and Real Time Decision Making

SharePoint consulting can help healthcare organizations become more efficient, productive and save time by providing a collaborative platform that leverages employees’ efficiency, mobility and bridges the gap that resides in the system. For instance, SharePoint Dashboards can help keep real time tabs on metrics which are critical to the healthcare like bed availability, patients’ waiting time etc.

Say Goodbye To Consultant Fees With The Right Accounting Software

Choosing accounting software that meets your particular business needs and employee capabilities can cut down on outside consulting costs and bring more accounting functions in-house. Read on to learn more about this topic.

Top 10 Tips for Selecting an Offshore SharePoint Consultant

Designing a SharePoint site is not a child’s play as lack of proper planning before implementing SharePoint may cost millions to an organization. An organization may end up overspending on the actual implementation or in the absence of end users’ training organizations investment may go awry.

Work With Your Employees – Not Against Them

If you’re like most business owners and managers, you’re probably concerned about the amount of time your workers spend doing personal business on the Internet during work hours. As it turns out, you have good reason to be concerned. Recent studies have shown that an alarming number of employees use their online access for personal reasons during the course of each workday.

4 Ways to Define a Choreography for Reverse Logistics

What is a choreography for reverse logistics? Most people associate the word choreography with a dance or a play, since the word itself means a carefully planned or executed movement or organization of people, things, or an event. A similar concept can be applied to reverse logistics since it deals with the movement of products or parts through an organization of people and companies. This Reverse Logistics choreography is configured as a planned movement (or a reverse logistics dance, if you will) to be precisely executed to your reverse logistics requirements. The choreography enables visibility into your entire reverse logistics supply chain so you can see the precise movements of your products and/or parts regardless of whether they reside internally within your company or externally with customers, suppliers, partners, or vendors.

The Rise and Rise of Online Meeting Software

Online meeting software has come a long way over the last few years, and I regularly use it when talking to clients and team members. I thought I’d provide a short guide here to some of the most useful online meeting solutions to help you out if you decide that you want to experiment with them yourself.

Load Testing Web Servers Using Selenium, a Web Browser Functional Testing Tool

Traditionally load testing a web server involved recreating the HTTP traffic (that the web server would experience in production) by opening multiple TCP sockets and directly making the required HTTP requests over them. Today, with the ever increasing CPUMemory power and access to many affordable Cloud Virtual Machine (VM) resources, the option of running real Browsers to recreate web server traffic has become viable. This article examines the ways in which Selenium, a traditional web functional testing tool, can be used to drive real browsers in order to load test a web server.

Norton Technical Support and the Reasons for Its Popularity

The Norton technical support experts can be contacted through the toll free numbers that are displayed on the official websites of the companies. These companies can be found out by searching online and use of keywords such as Norton technical support, Norton antivirus tech support, and Norton antivirus technological support will result in the display of a list of companies which offer such services.

5 Major Risks In Outsourcing Software Development, And How To Avoid Them

Outsourcing bears inevitable risks, which can be ignored, prevented, delegated, or subdued (after an undesirable scenario occurs). Let’s outline five such scenarios and see how to deal with them.

Email Archiving Open Source – What You Must Learn

Companies that are primarily reliant on electronic communication must opt for email archiving open source. It saves storage expenses, proves useful in eDiscovery requests, helps to search and import PST files, and easy to implement.

SharePoint Consulting for Healthcare – Reduce Paperwork and Increase Patients’ Visits

Learn how managing documents effectively through SharePoint can help healthcare providers increase patients visits by reducing waiting time, drive revenue and provide quality care. Drive productivity through SharePoint implementation.

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