Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 21 – Select loop

Some Information About Oracle

The complexity of the Software environments is increasing day by day along with the passing time because they are involved with the enhanced use of the growth of corporate extranets, integration with the web, and corporate self-service applications. In order to ensure the data security and integrity, various companies often use the multiple instances that are associated with the database in order to manage the whole application development environment. The Database Software Environments are of three types.

How Budding and Small Hotels Can Lessen The Effects of Rate Parity

Rate parity is a term that always alarms hoteliers and can even be a growth barrier for small and new players. Rate parity is the practice of maintaining consistent and same rates of the same room type on all the distribution channels/booking platforms, be it hotel’s own website or OTAs irrespective of commissions being earned by an OTA.

Path-Breaking Features of OpenCart for Crafting the Finest eCommerce Sites

OpenCart is an acclaimed by most for taking the notion of open-source eCommerce platform to an unexpected level. Needless to say, every new version comes as the better version of the earlier with bundles of new features and enhancements. In the ever-growing online shopping world, e-Merchants are seeking reliable eCommerce platforms to create business-centric online stores.

Top 5 Laravel Application Development Trends in 2017

Laravel is supposed to be the best open-source PHP web framework popularly used for easy and quick web development. Laravel is recommended by developers for developing good quality web applications and websites by using code syntax and MVC architecture that is easily maintainable as well as being developer-friendly. It guarantees gorgeous features for websites like development speed, fast extension ability, and quick intuition. The various benefits of Laravel are Eloquent ORM, class auto loading,

4 Perks of Using an ERP Solution in the Real Estate Industry

This article is going to highlight the points on how an effective ERP software can benefit the industry of Real Estate and can transform the business prospects. Usually, the real estate organisations work in a competing ecosystem. To survive successfully in this market, they need to cope up with the fast-growing industry.

How A Coherent ERP Can Help in Seamless Fixed Asset Management

This article enumerates how a robust ERP solution can reinforce comprehensive fixed asset management in an enterprise. Fixed asset management is a prerequisite for every business to keep their systems in proper condition so that they can seamlessly function at their maximum capacity.

Hoteliers Learn How to Ensure Your Efforts in Online Channel Management Payoff Rightly

Whether it is manually updating your room availability on Meta tourism engines, answering countless emails to potential customers looking to book a room with you or the issue of overbooking. Channel management in hospitality brings a spate of challenges. However, tackling these very areas well and on a daily basis is necessary for hotels to stay ahead in the competition.

Cloud ERP V/S On-Premise ERP: Who Wins?

As a business owner, if you ask me where I belong, I would tell you we belong to the cloud. Oh did I say it wrong? I meant crowd! No! I think I was right. It is the cloud.

4 Benefits You Can Avail Using an ERP System in the Oil and Gas Industry

This article is going to focus on the benefits that you can avail if you integrate a potent ERP solution in the large industry of oil and gas. In the energy production field, the industry of gas and oil is slowly gaining immense popularity due to its great contribution and catering huge to augment the economic activities along with the overall development worldwide.

5 Persuasive Reasons Why the Pharmaceutical Organisations Need an ERP Solution

This article is going to give you a detailed insight on how an effective and potent ERP solution can boost business for the pharmaceutical industry. Nowadays, most of the pharmaceutical organisations or companies are facing countless business challenges like requirements in the stringent regulatory, reforms in the radical healthcare, a discerning and demanding customer base, fickle market trends, vying global competition and much more.

Unbelievably Cool Magento Extensions To Keep Customers Visiting Again and Again

While Magento is asserted as one of most powerful platforms for eCommerce web solutions, this article enumerates some of the coolest extensions brought by the platform to intensify sales. Open source platforms like Magento came as a boon for players in the web world helping big and small retail companies to bring life to their online business ideas. However, adhering to the ever-rising competition in eCommerce segment, a simple and sober online store is just not enough.

Whether a Startup Should Go For a New Market or Enter an Existing One

We thought having an idea is a key! But this wise ‘human box of ideas’ has a different view “The Value of an idea lies in the Using of it”- Thomas Edison.

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