Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 25 – Function Example

Global Fingerprint Scanner Market 2016-2021

Biometric technology, as we know it is an automated method of determining a person’s identity based on their behavioral or physiological traits. Among the most widely measured human characteristics are a fingerprint, Iris, vein, voice, hand, face and gait. And among these mostly used categories, the modality that dominates the biometric market is fingerprint scanning.

Reasons for Hiring a Software Developing Company to Build Your Website

Nowadays it is the internet that has dominated every aspect of our lives and that includes every kind of products and services that previously people used to avail from the physical brick and mortar establishments. In today’s very competitive business world, to survive and to sustain in the long term, it is, therefore, essential to have a business website which will have a comprehensible list of products and services that your business has to offer. Hence for every business, it is no doubt that a website is necessary to reach out to more customers and grow in terms of sales and revenue generation. Therefore it is a good decision to invest money on a well designed and developed website which will have a professional look and feel and which will serve the business owners’ purpose. This can be achieved by hiring a professional company which specializes in software and web development.

4 Probable Reasons Of An App Idea To Fail Dismally

The article sums up the pertinent causes behind mobile app startups to fail utterly in the market after their outset. With staggering rise in the number of mobile applications over the recent years, it’s highly obvious that mobile apps market will continue to breed further in the advancing years.

Advanced ERP Solutions: Empowering Enterprises To Boost Employee Productivity

While ERP solutions have already made its mark as a core business solution to bring efficiency in the organisational processes, this article highlights how ERP advancements have become a key productivity booster for the employees. While it’s evident that ERP solutions built with Odoo development aid in managing their transactions, input costs and in streamlining business operations, it can actually augment the performance and productivity of the employees, who are the end users of solutions.

4 Quirky Tips to Elude Mobile Application Abandonment

This article is going to discuss a few persuasive tips on eluding mobile application abandonment or how you can diminish this app abandonment. Even though technology is evolving, at the very same time, the mobile app abandonment rate is also increasing.

Reality: Supernaturally Real or Virtually Real?

What follows might be of interest to those who want to compare and contrast the God Hypothesis with the Simulation Hypothesis. It’s a battle between God done it and a computer software programmer done it. What follows is an online exchange I had with someone I’ll just identify as JK which should illustrate some of the comparisons and differences.

7 Smart Ways to Design an Effective Checkout Process to Boost Conversion

This article is going to guide you through the 7 effective ways to devise an impressive yet super-functional checkout process that can help you to boost the business conversion rates. More or less, almost every eCommerce business faces the issues of consumer drop-off at a certain point of time.

6 Commonly Made Blunders in ERP Implementation

This article is going to highlight the list of commonly made mistakes in the ERP implementation. Moreover, you would get an idea on how to avoid such implementation blunders. In today’s technologically progressive era, implementing an efficient ERP solution is really a time-consuming and a complicated task.

Why OpenEMR Has Bad Customer Service Reviews

Everyone is entitled to their experience and opinion of a product or service. But as we all know, opinions can be founded on a faulty notion. I want to peel back the layers of some reviews of OpenEMR.

Simplify Service Delivery With Cloud Orchestration

With cloud computing going mainstream, enterprises are readily adopting cloud technology solutions to accelerate time-to-market and get the desired competitive edge. There has been an observant rise in the terminology that attempts to define the cloud technology in different ways. With IT teams relying heavily on automation tools in order to configure public as well as private clouds, and deploy apps, it has become necessary to differentiate between cloud orchestration and cloud automation, and understand what a cloud orchestrator is, and how they redefine service delivery.

Are We Moving Towards Service-Oriented Software Engineering?

The digitally disrupted and the technology-driven world calls for quicker solutions that don’t compromise on quality. For organisations, software engineering services that come with the requisite agility, proven methodologies, and thoroughness are required for reduced turnaround time and better ROI. It is time to adopt the service-oriented software engineering services in order to get the best of both worlds i.

Patient Portals: How to Engage Patients and Make Your Practice More Efficient

Keeping your patients engaged in their health care is a critical part of running a successful optometry and ophthalmology practice. If you want to remain competitive and keep up with the younger generation, it’s important to offer easier ways to interact with your patients 24/7 via a patient portal.

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