Shell Scripting Tutorial for Beginners 27 – Signals and Traps

How Export Control Software Can Ease Pains For Your Business

Exporters and importers would certainly prefer their business flourish by mitigating unnecessary risks that may hamper their brand name, reputation and import & export privileges. On the other hand, the companies which failed to comply with export control regulations ended up with heavy fines and penalties.

Web to Print Software for Pet Clothes: How to Make the Most Out of It

If you have a dog that doesn’t mind dressing up for different occasions and loves to grab eye balls with a unique dressing style, why not order personalizable pet clothes from any one of the online stores using web-to-print software? Here are some ongoing trends when it comes to styling your dogs and what kinds of apparel can you design for them.

Significance of Personalizing Products Using Web to Print Technology

As they have realized that personalization of products can boost customer engagement, they are putting in efforts to facilitate mass customization using web-to-print technology. This article explores the importance of personalization using web-to-print technology.

Everything You Want to Know About Beacons

The term “Beacons,” has been creating a lot of buzz of late in the Tech, and business circles. Simply put, the word Beacons refer to a guiding light, and it is for this very same purpose they are used in Tech related sales and marketing promotions. Let us now learn more about what Beacons are, how they work, and how they can help your business.

Software Development for Non-Developers

You can develop software without being a developer. Software development is exciting. It involves the creation and maintenance of an application that helps people complete tasks.

What Tool to Use for Test Automation in 2017

According to the Gartner report Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation, by 2020 Selenium WebDriver will become a standard tool for automated functional tests. But in fact, Selenium is already considered to be a standard tool for web testing automation. So, the vendors have to implement tools like Selenium now and not in 3 years.

5 Serious Reasons for Poor Downloads of Mobile Applications

This article aims at providing a detailed overview to readers about the various reasons for which a mobile app gets poor number of downloads. The total number of mobile applications available is increasing over the years. It has become inevitable for entrepreneurs to have something unique for dragging user attention.

How eCommerce Businesses Can Grow With ERP Integration

This article will help readers to get an overview about how efficient ERP solutions can work as the problem-solver for eCommerce merchants and let their business grow. An ERP solution defines the components, values and road map which, will govern its usage and deployment. Choosing and implementing a pre-packaged solution will help the entrepreneur to set a well-integrated development and execution process.

Top Security Practices to Build Highly Secured Mobile Applications

This article emphasises on some of the most effective app security practices to consider for developing a robust, secure and high-end mobile application. With the rapid tech advancements, the world has become mobile and it has become essential for businesses to have a mobile app.

Rewarding Ways to Maximise the Efficiency of CRM Systems

This article provides readers with an overview how entrepreneurs can maximise the potential of CRM systems and can enhance the business productivity. Harnessing the benefits of CRM is one of the major requisites of a business. A CRM solution will greatly help businesses to get a comprehensive view of customers requirements, needs, market insights, relationship-building tools and proper control of the sales pipeline.

Mobile App Development and Its Impact on the Education Sector

A study conducted in 2014 by researchers at Baylor University found that college students spent an average of eight to ten hours daily on their cell phones. Teens are no better, with 75 percent of them possessing smartphones and 50 percent of them expressing an “addiction” to their phones. A 2012 study found that teens between the ages of 14 and 17 send almost 100 texts in a day.

How Secure Are You Around “IoT”?

“The number of Internet-connected devices is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 50 billion by 2020.” This data is overwhelming and testifies the importance and reach of IoT. When we talk about IoT in general, we mean all those devices that communicate and can be accessed via the internet based on their IP addresses. These “talking devices” are widely used in industrial machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, smart energy grids, home and building automation, vehicle to vehicle communication and wearable computing devices.

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