Storm OS: An Arch Based Distro with XFCE

VBA Password Recovery Helps You Recover VBA Project File Password

We all know that forgetfulness is a common human tendency. And only because of this tendency we may forget a lot of important things. Sometimes it may happen that we forget a password of any important file. A VBA project file is very important for an individual. We must protect these files by using password-protection. But what will happen if we forget the password? We cannot open or access the files without a correct password. This may become a quite frustrating situation if we fail to recall the correct password of the files. Now there is no need worry about it. We can use third-party VBA Password recovery software to overcome this situation. It helps us restore forgotten or lost passwords of VBA project files. It also enables us to open or access the password-protected VBA files.

How to Securely Browse The Internet

We browse the internet every day, but how much of our information is actually protected? Is the Web browser being used securely enough? And what can we do to further protect ourselves?

How To Differ A Good And A Bad Software Development Company

When it comes to traits of good development companies, a number of rather trivial things is often mentioned. So how can you understand whether you deal with a good, competent company?

Word Search and Replace Utility – Advanced Editing Tool for MS Word Files

Utility of word addins like Word Search and Replace Utility is immense in present scenario. Todays offices heavily rely on computer systems for conduct of work. Information is largely shared through soft copies and paper work is done only if absolutely necessary. Documents are prepared mostly with the help of MS word/Excel/PowerPoint. This necessitates use of Word, PowerPoint or Excel addins.

Microsoft Office 13: The Good, The Bad and The Undecided

While Microsoft Office 2013 is an upgrade to Office 2010 it definitely does not represent breakthrough technology. Consumers will have to judge for themselves if the added features are worth the price of investment.

Some Advantages Of Adopting Mobile Sales Enablement

Mobile sales enablement has almost revolutionized modern marketing and companies are investing more on this platform to exploit its full potentiality. Without proper marketing it is difficult to achieve business success for your particular business organization.

Do You Need an Enterprise Solution for Your Small Business?

In the opinion of experts, most evident and sought-after commercial technology today is Enterprise software solution. It’s a broad term. It gets even bigger when you integrate it with other computing and automation technologies. Have a look at how it helps your small business grow.

Why a Driver Update Software Is a Necessary Computer Tool

So you are looking to get a Driver update software, but you don’t know where to start. There are a lot of driver softwares out there but only few that will do the job correctly. When looking for a driver update software there are a some things to consider, such as ease of use, features, and of course price. Some softwares have all the tools to get your computer updated and ready to go when some are just pieces of useless crap.

The 4 Most Useful Screen Capture Modes To Use When Saving Your Screenshots

Save screenshots of your desktop, software or webpage using the 4 most useful screen capture modes. Avoid capturing areas you don’t want. Instead use different modes to capture only the information that you need.

Authentication Principles in SNMP-Based Network Management Systems

Security Management is a Network Management function that is about protecting both the network as a whole and the individual devices against intentional or accidental abuse, unauthorized access and communication loss. Security Management is also responsible to set constraints per managed element, according to standards & specifications.

Importance Of Design In Software Development

When a software project is started from scratch, creating design is the most obvious first step. Design is a great initial investment owing to a number of reasons. Let’s learn more about them.

Worried About Legal Liability Compliance – Opt for Email Archive Software

Legal liability compliance is something that worries most organizations, big and small. However, with email archive software, a company can save its reputation in a court of law and lessen the IT department’s budget.

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