Surprise! Google Killed Stadia (And nobody cares)

Make Your Amazon S3 Into More Than a Simple Storage Solution

Considering using Amazon S3 or already using the service? This article provides an insight into the advantages of log file analysis for Amazon S3 and how it can deliver additional benefits for your business.

PSD to WordPress – Future of Website Designing

Everyone wants to browse only the high-quality and eye-catching web pages, so for aiming this PSD to WordPress is implemented. This conversion turns the normal looking website into an impressive site. Several companies have turned up to offer these services which makes your website better. You can take advantage of such services.

Project Management System – Features of the Best Systems

These days, it seems like there is a new application or software program created every minute, promising to make your life easier in some way. When it comes to project management, this is particularly true, with various designs out there helping you stay on task. However, not all of these systems are created equally, so it’s worth taking the time to think about which features are most important to you.

Looking For Power Outage Solutions? Know What To Look For In Outage Management Software Providers

Knowing what to look for from outage management software providers can help an organization find effective power outage solutions. Read on to find out more.

The Critical Role Interactive Voice Response Service Plays In Any Outage Management System

Interactive voice response service, coupled with a geographic information system, plays a major role in any outage management system. Read on to find out more.

What You Need To Know About Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio 2010 Test Edition, developed by Microsoft, is an integrated tool for developers as they design, develop and proof their development code. The process of Plan-Test-Track simplifies the developer’s job by allowing them to test and track the processes of a web site as the plan develops. Microsoft helps teams get up to speed with Visual Studio 2010 training online, available 24/7, ensuring the success of collaborations worldwide with Visual Studio 2010.

Future Profits From Past Customers

Most marketing efforts are directed at developing new customers. While new customers are obviously vital for your business, there’s huge and ofter overlooked value in your existing customer relationships.

Introduction to Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an extensive combination of software and services offered by Microsoft. It includes all the applications which are part of Microsoft Office Suite like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel etc. Besides this, it also includes Microsoft’s Server products like SharePoint Server, Lync Server and Exchange Server. These applications are hosted on cloud and can be accessed via internet from practically anywhere in the world.

Esnatech Office-LinX 8.5

Esnatech is a leading unified communications software developer with over 20 years of telephony experience. They very recently were awarded Gartner Groups 2012 Cool Vendor award which in my opinion is well deserved. The software they have created, Esnatech Office-LinX, allows you to integrate your existing phone systems or PBX with cloud based business applications such as Google apps, Microsoft BPOS/365 and Exchange, Zimbra, Lotus Notes and to name a few. Basically it simplifies communication between the office and a distributed mobile workforce very simply.

Outage Management and Beyond: Understanding The Importance Of Geographic Information System Software

Geographic information system software, coupled with IVR systems plays an integral role in outage management on any service grid. Read on to find out more.

Websites – The Most Convenient Way Of Marketing

Globalization has changed the scenario of the business world and marketing strategies with the increasing competition amongst various companies. The corporate world comprises itself from various business giants to small scale industries.

Custom Software Development – The Easy Way to Expand Your Business, Giving Alternative Dimensions

For giving alternative dimensions and directions to your business, the need of a custom software that will take care of your business efficiently handling all the customer requisitions and also meeting all the typical needs of your company management. Custom software Development can be done by an in-house software development group or team who will come up with the best possible solution software that will help you to expand your business and also increase the annual turnover for your company. Now one may ask – what is software and what is so special about it?

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