Tabby: A Terminal Emulator With TONS of Features

Can You Spell Check?

I have always been a ‘words’ person, ever since I was a little girl. So my first computing immediately focussed on Word Processing and learning everything I could about it, and an early tool I used was Spell Check.

How to Pick An Online Storage Service

With so many online storage service providers to choose from, each offering different features, platform support, pricing structure and more, picking a service provider is no simple feat. This article offers some tips and suggestions on what to look for to help you make an informed choice. By the end of this article you should be able to pick a service provider that fits your needs well and not have spend more than you need to.

Practice Management Software: Key Benefits Your PT Clinic Simply Can’t Ignore

Practice management software solutions can offer physical therapy clinics of any size an assortment of features and benefits. Read on to find out more.

Think Your Large-Sized Clinic Can’t Benefit From An Enterprise PT Software Solution? Guess Again

Large clinics and even hospitals can reap a multitude of benefits from enterprise level software for physical therapists including scheduling, billing, and more. Read on to find out more.

How to Achieve Mobile Printing for Popular Devices: iOS and Android

Apple products like iPad have been criticized for not having the ability to print. Today, this problem has been solved with the launching of the App Pro mobile printing product from Printek.

MS Excel Tips – How To Prevent Users Printing an Excel Workbook

In Excel you may not always want users to be able to print a work book. This could be due to the fact it contains sensitive information and you don’t want it to be printed and left in an office, or even worse a customers office that you are visiting. It has been done. Often! Here is how to prevent users printing an Excel workbook using a simple macro.

What Is a Personal VPN?

Wifi is a wireless networking technology that is used around the world. But the risks of using wifi networks at a hotel or airport are exponentially greater than those experienced at home or in an enterprise setting. Most people are aware of the risks, but few are aware of a solution.

How Often Should My Employees Run Software Updates?

If you’re a business owner who isn’t very tech savvy, yet you run software on your business’ computers, you may be faced with a number of confusing software-related questions. You and your employees want to keep your computer systems running smoothly, but you aren’t sure what prompts are safe to follow and which ones aren’t; what can you and your employees do?

Preventing Cyber Crime Through Source Code Analysis Software

Nowadays, an important tool used by many experts in the IT industry is the so-called source code analysis software. This software involves the combined tools of tests and analysis to prevent cyber crime.

iPad Video Converter – How To Choose The Right One

The Apple iPad is a powerful device with a number of capabilities. Its use as an entertainment device is probably the most exciting feature for its users. Especially the ability to play high definition movies and videos has been one of the strong selling points during the device’s launch. While Apple’s other mobile devices like the iPod and the iPhone were capable of playing videos, their small screen size restricted viewers from having an immersive movie experience. But the large screen format of the iPad has changed all that.

Tip for Beginners on How to Fix and Improve Computer Speed and Performance

One of the most common problems I encounter when repairing customer’s computers is they complain that their computer is running slower and slower to launch programs, while this is probably due to a number of factors, the first step I take usually improves the computers speed significantly. The first thing I do is remove the start-up programs from launching on start-up to ensure maximum RAM available and to lower overall processing on start-up. Why does my computer slow down over time?

Which Point of Sale (POS) Software Should I Choose?

Which POS software program should I choose? Well, that is the $10,000 question, or $2,000, or $1000, or below depending on what you ultimately decide on. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of POS software programs to pick from.

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