Top 5 File Managers for Linux

Is a POS System Expensive?

All business owners have heard so far about the benefits that a POS system can offer. However, even if this is highly appreciated and recommended, lots of people avoid implementing it because they fear the potential costs. In this article we are not going to discuss the advantages of a POS system.

Three Methods of Reducing Losses With POS Software

Let’s face it! Every business is going to experience a certain amount of losses. It is almost impossible to cut them off completely, but in order to be profitable, you need to minimize them.

Review of Point of Sale Software

Point of sale software is becoming more and more popular. Even small business owners are now convinced of its efficacy. Fortunately, nowadays it has become quite affordable and it is not reserved to large corporations or multi-chains anymore.

How Retail Inventory Software Works?

Inventory control is a key aspect for all retail businesses, regardless of their size. If you don’t manage to successfully accomplish the task of controlling inventory, you can lose serious money. Unfortunately, this task is pretty time consuming and it is not very fun either.

Pros and Cons of Inventory Management Software

To be honest, this article should only have been about the pros of inventory management software. The cons are so insignificant compared with benefits that they are barely worth mentioning. However, in order to remain impartial, we are going to discuss all aspects.

Point of Sale Software for Small Businesses

If you are the owner of a small retail business and if you have ignored information about point of sale software because you thought it was meant for large stores, it’s time to realize that it can in fact benefit your business also. If you don’t know already, point of sale software is meant to automate the checkout process in your store. It is wrong to assume that you don’t need it because you are actually throwing away the opportunity to please your customers.

What to Expect From Point of Sale Software

You keep hearing about the benefits of implementing point of sale software to your retail business. But is this really helpful or is it just another tool meant to take the money out of your pocket? Keep reading to find out how point of sale software can help you and what to expect from it.

Point of Sale Software Explained

Point of sale software can help your business grow and increase profits. But for those who haven’t implemented it yet can be pretty confusing. This article is going to explain how retail software generally works.

Modern Era Website Design And Development

What do you do when you need information or data on the internet these days? You go search for the best optimization and then get redirected to the relevant website. What is the idea behind the existence of these modern day websites? The foundation of those websites is laid by efficient web designing. Web designs are like the architectural blue prints for a building, which are created in order to correlate all different aspects of how things would mesh together to produce optimized results.

What Is Enterprise Extender?

IBM’s Enterprise Extender Technology (EE) is a simple set of extensions to the existing High Performance Routing (HPR) technology used for encapsulating SNA traffic over IP networks. It’s a standard created by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and APPN Implementers’ Workshop (AIW).

Approach to Modeling a Human Head/Face Using Maya

In this article we’ll take a detailed look at how to model a human face using Maya. Maya as a modeling and VFX software package, offers some of the best tools in the industry, that you can put to use to sculpt out your models. Among the wide array of tools available, we need to know the right technique or approach to get a specific job done using Maya and that’s exactly what we will look at here – the technique of modeling a human face using Polygon and Subdivision modeling techniques.

Exchange Archiving Solutions: Ultimate Email Filtering Appliance

Hosted exchange archiving solutions offer a rather dependable gateway protection while allowing an incredibly effective and efficient e mail management. State of the art e mail filtering appliance thus eliminates the sheer threats of spam attacks, while making your ‘on premise’ infrastructure efficient and secure.

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