What’s With the Penguin?

Tips for Optimal QuickBooks Use

Do you own your own business? Are you trying to evolve your skill set to include financial and management accounting? Are you looking for an alternative to monitor your personal finances?

Challenges in Production Cloning

Cloning of data from Production to Test database has been a widely used methodology in the older days to create test data. Now the times are changing as technologies have changed. Production cloning has several challenges that are listed below.

Is Dynamics NAV 2013 A Worthwhile Investment?

Microsoft recently broke through in the business industry with its latest business management solution, Dynamics NAV 2013. To several managers’ delight, the system proved to a perfect solution to all business problems. Aimed at enhancing communication within a business and increasing the efficiency of the management system, it became a highly useful tool for large businesses.

Simple Issue Tracking: Five Things That Make Issue Tracking Needlessly Complex

An issue tracking system stream lines the process of reporting, monitoring, and resolving various types of problems. Used in numerous endeavors, the system is commonly linked to software development, where it complements bug tracking software as a tool for reporting problems not related to errors in computer code. Regardless of its application, issue tracking must be carefully performed to offer the desired level of support.

Top 10 Websites To Download Free Softwares

Everyday thousand of softwares are released, purchased and used by people for different tasks. These softwares make our work easy, comfortable and help us in doing everything more quickly and easily. Mostly, we have to pay for a pro version in order to have their proper functionality.

Finding an Easy Issue Tracker Solution

If you need an easy issue tracker, the last thing you want is a tool that makes monitoring issues more complex. Unfortunately, that is what some companies get when they implement solutions that lack optimal tracking capacity, financial flexibility, and intelligent communication features. Before you shop for an issue tracker, define the needs that the tool must meet.

How to Overcome Employee Resistance to Time Tracking Software

Effective time management is critical to the success of any company, but employees aren’t always thrilled about having to track their time. Fortunately, advances in time tracking software make it easier, but there are other ways to get buy-in from your workforce and motivate them to get timesheets completed consistently and on time.

Developing a Simple Issue Tracking System

Issue tracking is designed to simplify the process of reporting, monitoring, and resolving problems that arise in a number of different contexts, from product development to supply chain management. However, as some users of issue and defect tracking software discover, the tracking system itself may need to be simplified. What is a simple issue tracking system?

Cloud Based Issue Tracking Software: Should You Use It Onsite or Online?

Cloud based issue tracking software can be implemented on two models: a web-based model in which the application is streamed to the user over the Internet, and an on site model in which the program is delivered to users over an intranet. If your company is trying to decide which model to use, there are several things to consider before a decision is made. As with implementing any type of application, most companies begin by evaluating cloud based tracking software from a cost perspective.

How to Reduce Your Resourcing Costs for Your Projects

In our current economic climate, company’s need to minimise costs and maximise efficiency. It is easier said than done but in order to maintain such a balance several internal issues must be solved with the right resource management software.

4 Areas Receiving Client-Input Data Can Make or Break a Company

For companies that rely on customers to input their own information, accuracy is important. Whether it’s a hotel reservation, a car rental, a ticket purchase or a gift for delivery to a third party, businesses have a significant problem on their hands when the information they are given is incorrect. Using address verification software enables the merchant to verify and correct the information in real-time as it’s being inputted into the computer. This solves and eliminates problems due to incorrect postal addresses, such as merchandise returned to sender with an address unknown stamp, fraud, and the inability to add customers to future mailing lists or marketing campaigns.

How to Create Strong Passwords and Recover Them If Necessary

Today, the majority of users are concerned over privacy and security of information. Indeed, there are lots of cyber punks who can easily steal any sensitive information, for instance by gaining access to your e-banking account or personal storage space. Passwords do protect our accounts, however, knowledgeable people say that there are no passwords that one cannot break. This is just a matter of time. Down the page are tips to create strong passwords that cyber punks are unlikely to break, at least it will be very difficult to do.

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