Why AppImages Suck

What Is Firmware?

Defining firmware is no small task. The IEEE defines firmware thus: The combination of hardware devices and computer instructions and data that reside as read-only software on that device… the confusion around this term has led some to suggest that it be avoided altogether.

Video Processing and Color Spaces (Why Is My Lossless Lossy?)

When performing a lot of video processing, it is important to take into account the color space of the original video. This quick guide to color spaces gives the information one needs to determine how to look up color spaces and use them properly.

Applicant Tracking Systems: A Tool in the Staffing Battle

Certain types of jobs have high turnover, sometimes a company is a bit large and receives constant influxes of applications, and doesn’t have a predictable flow to when they get new openings. For example retail doesn’t fit this mold. There are predictable times when retail companies will need to hire people, and predictable times when people will quit or take extended breaks.

Application Monitoring Tools: Foolproof Security

The very thought of letting an outside system access and interfere with your network configurations could induce a twinge of discomfort. These tools channel all relevant system information through a simple data collector installed inside a firewall.

Organizing a Successful Trade Show With Event Registration Software

Trade shows are complex events organized on a relatively large scale. Many exhibitors mostly from a particular industry and its related sectors actively participate in a trade show and attend the multiple sub events that are hosted simultaneously within the main event. The visitor profiles also vary greatly at such occasions. While some events mainly draw sales and marketing professionals, there are segments that are essentially thronged by people from the Research and Development fields too. Top honchos also make frequent appearances at these shows to keep a tab on the latest industry happenings. To organize such multi-dimensional events it is imperative for the event organizers to take the help of the advanced event registration solutions.

Use Event Planning Software to Evaluate Your Event’s Performance

When is the best time to evaluate your event’s performance? The sooner you do it, the better. Unnecessary prolonging the time in preparing reports delays the process of lead generation. In fact, the smarter lot prefers doing it while the event is still “on”; the venue still abuzz with all the happenings and attendees are still available to give in their valuable feedback. It is then that the details are fresh in your mind and you do not have to fall back upon recorded data to derive business analytics.

Transition From Exchange 2003 Versus Migration to Google Apps

While Microsoft is putting an end to its support to Exchange 2003, existing users are thinking between two major options: “Should I transit to advanced versions of Exchange offered by Microsoft?” (or) “Should I migrate to a completely different cloud solutions provider?” This might kind of sound like a very old question.

Tips To Demystify InDesign

InDesign allows you to create interactive and print magazines, brochures, advertisements and a range of products. However, beginners can be overwhelmed by the interface and features available. However, a lot of these tools you don’t really need. This article explores the essential tools needed to get you started so that you can quickly create a professional product without being waylaid by features you don’t need to use.

How Spyware Security Influences Your Business

Spyware security is something that any business owner should consider. Running a computer system in the workplace including the associated hardware, software and connection subscriptions can be rendered completely useless by the attack of spyware. Spyware is a malicious form of software or a program that infiltrates a computer system and has access to information shared from those computers. They can see user names, passwords, bank account numbers and pin codes. Not only, it is spyware a threat to the computers and the system, it is also a threat to the business itself. Identity theft and fraud often arise from the malicious nature of spyware, which will clandestinely send information made by the user to another computer where a criminal can use the information to their own devices.

MS Excel Tutorial: Creating And Working With Set Print Areas In Microsoft Excel

Do you need to only print part of your Excel worksheet, say a summary of figures or a particular Quarter figures? This tutorial will walk you through how to set up selected print areas you need to avoid printing full worksheets as well as using unnecessary ink and paper.

Plan of Action to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Ever wondered what it takes to get frequent visitors on your website? Just launching a website is not sufficient to boost your website traffic and attract leads. Your efforts should go beyond adding tags and keywords. Here are a few things to get you started…

Knowing About QuickBooks Freight Broker Software

QuickBooks Freight Broker Software is popular because its log accounting system is designed in a way that it suits individual needs. The accounts can be maintained in an automated manner. The updates can be made while the truck on its way back to the company.

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