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Minimum Viable Product Vs The Full Irish Breakfast

How do you know if the 101 features that you are currently building into your app are what your clients actually want? Are you doing a Kevin Costner on it, building it and hoping they will come? Well the sun may always shine on TV but on the web it’s all 0’s and 1’s. And this is where user testing comes in. Take Eric Ries’s advice and build a minimum viable product and see what kind of response you get. Build, measure, learn – rinse and repeat until you have the results that engage your customers with your product.

The Benefits of Document Archiving

Many businesses are using document archiving to help them securely store and retrieve important files easily, but why have they decided to convert from manual filing to electronic filing? A document archiving solution has numerous benefits that can help to improve the way a business runs, as well as saving time and money.

Four Ways You Can Dodge a PowerPoint Disaster

If you are in a profession where you have to give regular presentations then chances are PowerPoint is your weapon of choice to deliver these presentations. For many of us, the thought of presenting can be a little frightful. Therefore, the last thing you want is for things to go wrong in your presentation. Although you can never be 100% safe from PowerPoint disaster, this article will highlight a few tips you can use to make yourself as disaster free as possible.

What Is A Server Maintenance Plan And Why Is It Important?

You can have a network support company monitoring your servers 24/7. This could keep your business operations at its peak throughout the year.

Advantages of Using a Porn Blocker

With pornography being incredibly viral nowadays, it isn’t surprising that the need for a porn blocker is steadily rising. This type of program will prove useful in various settings including schools, offices, and even at home. That being said, following are some of the advantages of having one.

Why It Is Important to Have an Integrated Point of Sale System

Can you run a decent sized business out of a shoebox? Many successful retailers do and will continue to do so in the future. But I believe as time goes on and our world becomes more automated and the consumer demands more and more customization and convenience: it will be more and more difficult.

Time Attendance Software – Ensuring Effective HR Practices

  Time attendance software is a major part of the HR system today, taking the organization towards effective HR practices and excellence. Accurate recording and monitoring of an employee’s attendance and movement is integral for effective decision making in every organization. Gone are the days when organizations had to maintain time cards, punch clocks, and attendance registers with sing-in and sign-out processes.

Biometric Authentication for Enhanced Security

    Biometric authentication can be defined as an advanced process of determining the access profile and confirming the identity of a person based on the behavioral traits and physical characteristics. With the advent of advanced computer technology and improved accuracy in information collection devices, biometrics have become immensely popular these days, and are widely used in organizations and integral business processes. It is anticipated, over the years, biometrics will replace all other forms of identity tracking and accessibility checks, ensuring advance security and reporting system.

USA UAS AI CUAVs and 3-D Radar Displays in The Future Battlespace

The United States with our unmanned aerial systems and future combat UAVs are making breakthroughs with this technology each year that comes to pass. In the future our UAVs will do surveillance without any human guiding them, using artificial intelligent (AI) systems. If you doubt this is coming then you haven’t been paying attention to the rapid advances in this technology. Okay so, let’s talk about this and discuss a new technology which will be integrated into our future UAVs.

Benefits of Investing in Real Estate Management Software

Unless you are a non-profit organization, the main aim of businesses is to generate profit. Most business owners and managers spend a great deal of time trying to figure out new innovative ways of maximizing on productivity and increasing efficiency. One such approach of achieving these objects is by investing in progressive business practices and software.

Why Is a Web Based Project Management System Better Than a Standalone One?

You may wonder why you should choose a web based project management system over a standalone version. Most companies have been using standalone software for many years. The standard pieces of this type of software do not offer some of the most important features for modern project managers.

What Are the New Features in Adobe Illustrator CS6?

Adobe Illustrator CS6 is the newest in Adobe’s line of high-performance vector image editing programs. This newest member of the Illustrator family provides increased speed, precision and stability when working with complicated or large files. It also makes use of a range of new tools and features to help you make beautiful vector images, whether they’re clean, sharp and traditional-looking, or make use of Illustrator’s wide range of painterly effects.

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