04. Unix Tutorial – File Management – Part I

Excel Tip – Flag Multiple Matches In Your VLOOKUP Formula

Today let’s look at the VLOOKUP Formula and this time combine it with an IF statement to flag if there are multiple matches in your data. VLOOKUP is really great for pulling in data from a larger table in Excel but sometimes in a larger data you come across multiple values that could be returned from your VLOOKUP, I.e more than one match could be available, so how do we know if there are possible multiple matches? Here is the solution.

Excel Tip – 3 Ways To Enter An Excel Formula

Today let’s look at 3 different ways to enter formulas into your Excel workbooks. Do you use the same method over and over again?. You may find a quicker method in this article.

Better Project Management With Project Management Software

Project management software can change your projects from being full of question marks and doubts to a surefire way for success. Learn more here!

Project Communication Management Software – A Structured Approach to Successful Project Completion

In today’s fast paced world, organizations are willingly hiring efficient project managers, who can assist them in optimizing the work processes. Project management itself is now being considered as the most efficient and effective methodology for the completion of various projects, being initiated at organizations at different levels. Whether companies are working on software projects or on projects of diverse niche, they get them done with the assistance of project managers.

How Does Testing Make Applications Effective?

Almost everyone has a mobile device and uses applications of all kinds. There is a wide range of various applications needed for different purposes. But not every app is successful and widely used by people.

Hotel Reservations Simplified Through the Use of Software

The impact that the Internet has had on businesses of all types is phenomenal. It has lead to a rapid growth of commerce and trade across the world with geographical boundaries no longer being a restriction to conduct business.

Kinds Of Software That You Can Buy Online

Software download sites are great for computer users to fully maximize their computer as they can download software or applications to enhance their work or personal life. That said, for newbies out there, choosing the right software to download and install is important as not all applications are useful and some can even harm the system.

ASP Dot NET Vs Other Web Application Frameworks

The choice of web frameworks differs from one enterprise to another. Some businesses prefer selecting the right web framework according to specific needs of the project, whereas others opt for open source frameworks to curtail project overheads. But according to the latest framework usage statistics posted on BuiltWith.com, ASP.NET is more popular than several commonly used web frameworks like J2EE, Ruby on Rails, Adobe ColdFusion, and Classic ASP.

Excel Tip – Re-Order Data Series In An Excel 2013 Chart

When you create a chart in Excel, you may find that you need to change the order of the way the data is displayed within your chart. For example, you may have a Minimum, Maximum and Average Sales price in your chart data which you want to display in the alternative order of Average, Maximum then minimum. This article will demonstrate step by step how easy this is to change right within the Excel chart itself.

The Emerging Market of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Increasing amount of data, globally, makes it imperative to have proper mechanisms that enable optimal utilization of data. In this context, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market is expected to display high growth in the near future. Both on-premise and cloud-based ERP solutions shall see a surge in demand. Aiming for a career in this field is thus a great choice as companies are aggressively looking to hire experienced ERP technicians, who can efficiently automate databases.

Maximize Your ROI Through Marketing Automation Software

The right marketing strategy, coupled with the right technology can work wonders for your business. See how you can immensely benefit by using the right Marketing Automation Software.

How to Solve Common Problems With Windows Operating Systems

Here’s how to solve common problems with Windows Operating Systems. These include Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.

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