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Making Your Apps Stand Out

You would think that the obsession with iPhones and iPads, as well as all other things Apple, would be gradually going away but nothing like this is happening at all, and we are all seeing big changes in the way that people work and think. So why are iPads and iPhones so popular?

How to Select a CRM for a Small Business

Technology can cause a small business to be more efficient or it can bog down the company with constant fees, maintenance, customizations, upgrades, and IT support costs. The difference is the decision in choosing the correct system that will serve the enterprise and not increase burdens. This is why this article is so important. Few small businesses know how to select the right technical solutions. Customer acquisition and retention is the single most important issue when you are in business. There is no more higher priority. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before selecting technology.

Extract Images/Pictures From PDF Files by Using a PDF Image Extractor

A PDF file may contain text or pictures or both text and pictures. Sometimes we need to extract the images from PDF file. PDF image extractor helps us extract images, pictures and graphics from multiple PDF files at same time. It can also extract images from corrupt PDF files very successfully.

How to Update PC Drivers

Many people do not understand how important having the right driver installed can be. Drivers are the “instructions” that your hardware uses to run at optimal performance. If you are missing a driver, or you have the wrong driver installed, there are probably some issues you are noticing.

The Advantages of Having an Employee Time Tracking Tool

Employers need to check in on their workers’ productivity and effectiveness to make sure they do their jobs and contribute to the growth of the company. Using an employee time tracking tool will help them do that.

Function and Uses of Gym Management Software

Managing a health training institution takes a lot of things but the primary requirement is quality service. Let us talk about how gym management software helps in this regard. Know about the main functions and how it operates Self-Scheduling, Automated E-Mail and Notifications, Online Payment facilities, and more.

What Is Data Cleansing?

Data scrubbing otherwise referred to as data cleansing is the process of removing or amending information that is certainly incomplete, duplicated, incorrect or improperly formatted. Organizations in data intensive fields such as telecommunications, insurance coverage, banking and transport business typically use data scrubbing tools to correct information flaws by utilizing algorithms, guidelines and look-up tables. Tools utilized in this procedure incorporate programs which can be capable of correcting certain varieties of errors including finding duplicate records at the same time or adding missing zip codes.

Reasons to Switch to a Cloud Based Bug Tracker

If your company is still using an in-house tracking system, it is time to leave the 1990s behind and embrace the defect tracking tool of the new millennium: a cloud based tracker. You have probably heard that web-based software is a better choice than in-house software concerning price and system options, but in case you need a refresher course on why cloud based tracking is the best option, below are some reasons why companies are switching to online tracking systems. In-House Systems are Costly Remember how much it cost to implement your in-house tracking system?

Reasons Businesses Should Use Issue Tracking Programs

All software companies produce programs that contain bugs, defects, and issues. At this point, customers actually expect to encounter errors while using software, so building error-free software is no longer a priority for developers. Instead, they can take a more reactive approach by putting in place a system that allows for quick error detection and reaction.

Online Bug Tracking: Pros and Cons

Almost every computer application that was once used in house can now be streamed over the Internet, including a bug tracker. Over the past decade, online bug tracking has replaced in house bug tracking as the tracking method of choice, but debates occur which system is actually better. In this article, the pros and cons of web-based tracking are reviewed to help those who are trying to decide which type of system to implement – one that stays in house, or one this streamed in from a Software as a Service Provider (SaaS).

Using a Bug Tracker Online: How Does It Compare to an In-House Tracker?

In the past decade, many software applications that were once implemented in house have been switched to a web-based model. Software as a Service (SaaS) providers stream applications to users over the Internet, offering them a hassle-free alternative to installing and maintaining the applications onsite. For many companies, implementing a bug tracker online instead of in house provides several impressive benefits.

Online Bug Tracker Software: Should You Use an Open Source System?

Most IT managers have two tasks when it comes to choosing an online defect tracking tool: find bug tracker software that offers the right tracking options, and find it at the lowest price. Although the tasks should be prioritized in this order, some IT departments flip them around, and immediately start looking for a system with a low price tag – a search that inevitably leads them to open source tracking software, which can be downloaded and used free.

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