19. Unix Tutorial – Shell Programming – Shell Speical Variables

Excel Tip – Six Common Mistakes Made When Using VLOOKUP Function In Excel

Sometimes your VLOOKUP formulas may not produce the results that you expect. Here are are my top 6 reasons that a novice VLOOKUP user finds their formula is not doing what they expected as well as solutions to the problems.

IT Health Check: The Scope Of IT Services You Should Invest In

With the long list of IT support services offered by various companies, it is important to know the scope of what you should invest in. Here is a list of the must-have, high-value, high-return IT services you should consider investing in.

Which Comes First, The Tools or The Solution?

The internet has supported an explosion of software tools for almost any imaginable application. Many of these tools are the result of real-world efforts to solve complex data or process integration problems. Realizing the similarity between the needs for initial specific solution and thousands of other businesses, the developers reasonably assume that the basic framework of the tool set has tremendous market potential. The range of such tools is vast including knowledge management, data analytics, data integration, mobile applications and many more.

Leave Management Software to Help Promote Work-Life Balance

Balancing life and work is very important, and you can help your employees achieve that with effective leave management software. Different employees have different attitudes towards work. There may be some who would go on excessive leaves while there are others who would rarely miss a day of work. In order for your employees to be more effective and productive at work, everything should be balanced.

How to Select Extensions for Magento eCommerce Website Development

Magento is one of the most flexible and scalable eCommerce platforms known today. It has all the prerequisites for building an online store. Magento eCommerce website development can help businesses quickly setup and customize their online store as per requirements.

What You Need to Know About Windows 10

Windows 10 is on its way. The Microsoft upgrade should be available for use in late July. A preview look indicates there is much to like about this upgrade, especially for users of Windows 7.

Shield Your Identity

Document verification, and even several other security measures, is the secret to providing the security of trade deals and reducing the fraud from phishing and forgery. The Scope of Your Internet Tracks – We aren’t completely aware about the great quantity of private data we input in-to the web. We don’t know either that it could stay there for several yrs, at mercy of any hacker.

Basic Concepts About Remote Communication in Software Testing

Today, in the age of high technology, we can observe an incredibly rapid development of all sectors of Economy, Business and other substantial areas, but the most rapid growing industry is Information Technology. The expression “time is money” has never been so important, because the timely provided and processed information becomes increasingly significant.

What Communication Is Effective in Software Testing?

As far as the software industry grows, there appears a chance for every software developing company to occupy a perceptible place in this niche. Of course it is worth remembering that the guarantee of the software success on the market is its quality. Therefore, the testing services should not be neglected.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Installing a Custom Rom On Your Android Phone

Everyone wants to be on the fast lane. In this era of technology, performance along with stability of a system is what matters.Google has opened a door to a whole new dimension of mobile operating system with their open source mobile operating system “Android”. Mobile phones are now considered a pet by mobile lovers. Everyone wants a stunning and new look for their pet. This has caused most of the people to install a custom rom on their mobile phones. But it is wise to know the merits and demerits of installing a custom rom on a mobile phone.

MS Word 2013 Shortcuts – See Beyond Ctrl C and Ctrl V

It is an undeniable fact that the ubiquity of the MS Word software in offices across the world has made it the absolute standard in terms of documents and editing in offices. Just thinking about the number of people who are, at any given moment, looking into the Word window and considering what to type next boggles the mind.

Image Retouching 101: Enhancing Your Images With The Reflection Tool

Reflections can add depth and realism to any photo. Creating reflections may seem hard at first but once you learn how to do it step by step, you would be able to know how easy it actually is. Adding reflections is the best way to enhance any dull photos and breathes in new life to it. In less than 15 minutes, you would be able to use the basics of the Reflection Tool by following the steps provided below.

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