20. Unix Tutorial – Shell Programming – Shell Arrays

Excel Tip – Use Approximate Match In VLOOKUP – Apply Grading To Student Papers

I know most times when using VLOOKUPS we do want that exact match, but what if we want to look up the correct commission rate or tax rate, based upon what earnings or commissions band a particular value falls into? Or how to assign grades to student papers when grading falls between a range of exam scores?. This is easily handled by the VLOOKUP formula, once you understand the last optional argument

Excel Tip – Are We There Yet? Are We There? Yet How Close To Your Goal Are You? Using Excel

This article will show you how a simple formula can calculate how far we are away from a goal. This can be applied in many situations and is sometimes referred to as percentage of target or forecast. The math in the formula is simple -divide the goal or target by the actual. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s calculating how far you are away from your travel destination or near you are to your sales target, the formula is the same- to work out how far you are away from your goal?.

Excel Tip – Prevent The Divide By Zero Error In Excel

We have all been there I am sure, all is going well when you have written your Excel formula, dragged it down your column of data and there it is, one big ugly divide by zero error. #DIV/0!. Some Excel users do not mind the error, I am not a fan, and whilst I like to be aware of any errors that Excel flags to me as they can be indicative of issues in your work book, if they appear on a presentation dashboard or a report, I think it does benefit from being tidied up somewhat with a little bit of Excel formula magic.

Custom Number Formatting In Excel – Express A Number As Thousands Without The Zeros

This tip was inspired by a question a couple of colleagues had asked me. How to express a number as thousands without displaying the zeros in the cell? This type of cell displays is all down to custom number formatting. So you can display the numbers 64,000 or 84,000000 as 64 or 84 as you wish without showing all of those zeros which can at times take up valuable real estate space on your excel work sheet.

Tryton: A to Z

The article talks about Tryton, a python based three-tiered ERP solution in the open sourced domain. It discusses the general concept of how Tryton was developed, its framework, applications, architecture and modules.

Excel Tip – Formula Not Working – Top Reasons Your Formula Is Showing in Excel, But Not the Results

You may have already come across this problem, and if you have not, you probably will at some point when using Excel. It is the mysterious case of your formula only showing in the cell and not the result of the formula that you expected to see. Whilst it is really frustrating there are a number of reasons this can happen, and usually I just work my my way through them on by one to resolve the problem on a case by case basis. Here are my top reasons for your formulas not results showing and how to quickly resolve it.

The Growing Popularity of Software Solutions in the Pharmaceutical Industry – An Overview

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have seen a tremendous growth over the past few years. With the implementation of reforms in these industries, the need for automating the business processes has increased.

Master Photoshop’s Pen Tool In 3 Easy Steps

Whether you are tired of being stuck with the lasso tool or just want to try something different, the pen tool will certainly make your graphic life easier. Some graphic artists find it harder to work with the pen tool and rely mostly with using the lasso tool; however, there are some who prefer it.

Which Testing Can Satisfy the Customer?

People working in the software product testing field know that the major priority is to satisfy requirements and expectations of the customer. The company’s reputation depends on its customers’ satisfaction with the rendered services.

Capitalizing On Employees Using HCM Software

Every organization must employ effective management methods to retain and manage its employees. Organizations with modern outlook prefer to focus on employees as, assets for investment. Informally, focusing organization resources onto these, productive assets to fulfill organizational goals can be called human capital management.

How ERP Cloud Accounting Software Can Benefit A Company

ERP Cloud accounting software works to keep companies on track and running smoothly. Instead of relying on local networks and hard drives, it operates out of remote servers offering greater flexibility and security.

Take Your Business to Greater Heights of Success With Advanced Business Solutions From Experts

Every business nowadays needs advanced and upgraded solutions for smoother functioning and better production of results in terms of profits and revenue including improved client retention. There are companies that provide effective business solutions including CISCO Data E-Delivery PAK solutions that feature a wide range of Cisco integrated solutions designed to provide your business with a sturdy infrastructure, secured communication and speedy project completion facilities.

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