21. Unix Tutorial – Shell Programming – Arithmetic Operations

10 Benefits of Adopting Agile Methodology

Unlike its predecessor, the waterfall model, Agile is highly dependent on the initial specifications and the view of the final product. Agile is all about agility. Agile software development methods are considered as high revenue boosters for product companies looking to bring great products to market in time.

Digital Transformation – What It Means for Global Enterprises

To be able to deliver business results consistently then becomes most important objective. There could be a number of strategies, programs and policies that an enterprise would practice to deliver business results. Digital transformation is one such innovative strategy that an enterprise could look to practice in a structured and time bound manner.

How to Include Enterprise Mobile Messenger In Your Company’s Communication Strategy

The role of internal communication in companies has changed a lot over these years. In this scenario, the communication managers need to adopt mobility to go along with the trend. This article summarizes the best ways to include enterprise mobile messenger in the internal communication strategy of your company.

Enhancements Introduced By Android ‘M’ To The Mobile Platform

Android Lollipop users are looking ahead and waiting eagerly for Android M, the next Android platform. In this article, you will find details about significant improvements introduced by this latest Android platform. Coming to aesthetics, there is no or little change in the design. Going beyond the looks of platform, you can see certain enhancements which will truly reflect the brilliance of this novel platform.

What Can I Expect From High Quality Chiropractic Management Software?

More than ever in our technological age, chiropractors and other medical practitioners are turning to software solutions help them effectively manage their practices and streamline their services. It is no great surprise why -traditional paperwork systems are widely considered to be drastically inefficient by comparison.

What Are the Advantages of Using Chiropractic Billing Software in Your Practice?

As with many services in different sectors nowadays, numerous operations at medical practices have become increasingly computerized. Despite the upheaval that digitalization can cause a business or an establishment, there are many reasons why updating technology can be extremely advantageous.

Software User Experience Must First Get the Information Experience Right

The advent of handheld devices and universal internet access has accelerated the demand for user-friendly applications that exploit the capability of these devices to deliver rich user experiences. Indeed, the software development community has evolved to adapt and support the demands for rapid application development with Agile Development methodologies. In addition, the software development community conveniently divides itself into those who specialize in user interface and user experience (aka UI/UX) and those who specialize in information processing. Customers often get more than they asked for with video and graphically rich user interfaces enabling functionality they never even imagined. Sometimes, the customer begins to use the system in support of their business only to discover something important is missing – information.

Did You Upgrade Your iPhone or iPad to IOS 9?

If everything is working fine on your device, updating to iOS 9 will be extremely easy and user friendly. The new OS is already available for developers in the Beta form and the public preview is all set to be launched but it seems like Apple will not release it until September as it is planning to coincide the release with the release of iPhone 6S or iPhone 7.

Relevance Of Salesforce Communities In The Present Business Scenario

Salesforce communities have become one among the most preferred ways of collaborating external constituents that are present outside the organization. It especially offers communities that can be basically placed in two categories. They are Customer Communities and Partner Communities. However as far as the sharing rights for the Salesforce objects are taken in to consideration, Partner Communities maintains a clear edge over Customer Communities.

Learn How CRM Can Increase Customer Retention

With rising customer acquisition cost, it is important for any enterprise to retain their existing customers for profitable business. According to Gartner Report, a 5 percent increase in customer retention can increase business profits by between 25 percent and 125 percent. To overcome today’s business challenges; organizations are using modern CRM methodologies to retain their existing customers.

Convert Excel to VCF Format Using a Manual Trick

We should store our contacts and other sorts of information in a standard file format instead of using an Excel file. The vCard format is quite popular and widely accepted by many devices and programs which run on various platforms. For a flexible communication, wider contacts accessibility is really very important. This is the reason why we should import our contacts from the Excel files to vCard format. There is an easy manual trick which will definitely help us.

Impact of IT on Profitability of Airlines Industry

Airlines are trying to ensure that flyers have a good experience, the first time and every time the latter flies with them. Achieving customer loyalty is half the battle won but remaining profitable is still not as straightforward as it may be in other industry verticals.

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