25. Unix Tutorial – Shell Programming – How to use IF ELSE and CASE statements

Make Work Easy With Web Based Project Management

A lot can go wrong with a project. Forgetting for a moment the project itself, there can be a great deal of lost time and effort put into the project platform. Even among the simplest projects out there, a comprehensive infrastructure needs to be put in place so that people can effectively communicate, match tasks, and all work towards an end product that people and the company can be proud of.

The Installation Procedure and Features of Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE, or Selenium Integrated Development Environment is a handy software testing tool, prepared by Apache Software Foundation. Pronounced as the one of the fastest and easiest testing frameworks, the Selenium Automation Framework does not require the users to possess a detailed knowledge of programming and technical aspects.

Excel Tip – How To Insert Blanks Into Every Other Row In Your Excel Data

This article will show to insert a blank line in every other row of your data set. Lots of the solutions that are available require the user to write some code or macro, which is all good, but some users are not comfortable with VBA. There is an easy way to achieve the same result in Excel without the requirement to write VBA.

5 Misperceptions in Software Testing

Software testing is more and more popular these days. I’ve seen people doing, talking and thinking software testing a lot. While I do value all differences in the perspectives, I observe 5 common misperceptions in software testing. These misperceptions bug me because they not only make software testing look cheap but also degrade it.

Windows 10: A Sys Admin’s Preview

I eagerly await how the actual delivery of these features turns out, but this very well could be the turning point that takes the public scorn of Vista and 8-8.1 out of the public consciousness and replaces it with something business users and managers have been anxiously awaiting over a decade. Finally: What businesses have been expecting for over a decade.

What Can Be Done to Speed Up My Computer? I Don’t Want to Waste Money on New Hardware

As I’ve said in some of the other articles, there are times that getting new hardware is not a waste of money but a sound investment. Then, there’s the rest of the time where you won’t benefit that much from new hardware or you can’t afford new hardware. What do you do then?

Visual Management Solutions For Your Business

In the past, managers had to rely on all kinds of inadequate sources of information to monitor the production of goods and the work of their employees. They were told how production was going by employees and could read the daily sales and shipping reports, but that was about all they could do short of walking the floor and counting inventory every day. Luckily, in the age of visual technologies, there are new visual management solutions.

Calendar Software Program: Do They Really Make Life Organized and Convenient?

In today’s busy and fast paced life, it becomes very difficult to manage professional and personal existence, with so many meetings and appointments badgering you all the time. To make life convenient, organized and stress free, so many desktop calendar programs or reminder tools have been introduced.

Windows 10 – All Together Now!

“Imagine All the Devices Living in Peace”. OK, so that’s not quite how the John Lennon song goes, but it still underscores a major theme of the Windows 10 event in January Microsoft has recognized something that Apple has known for quite a long time… that people use MANY devices. From PC’s to tablets to phones to TVs and… as our previous blog post mentioned… it’s all connected to the internet. Microsoft has provided a new answer to the age-old question “how do I make this easier for the user?” The answer is scaling back. Currently, there are three versions of Windows 8 out there with Windows 8.1 for PC’s, Windows RT for tablets, and Windows Phone for smartphones. Microsoft’s first goal with Windows 10 is to have all of the aforementioned devices running the same type of operation system while improving the integration between the three versions starting with distinction between the PC and tablet.

Contact Managing Applications Prove Effectively Essential for Your SME

The freeware systems managing the customer database of a small business keep the executives informed and updated about the customer details. They are developed to improve the sales support of a company.

Taking a Leap Ahead With School Management Software: Revolutionizing Education

Get to know about institution management software and its related benefits in this comprehensive article. Learn how this management software can help schools and colleges make their information more accessible and organized.

Top Ten Most Innovative IoT Companies Today

In internet of things there are a large number of entrants, as well as the established companies. Learn which companies are making waves in the IoT domain today. The article looks at ten of the most highly regarded IoT companies in the world.

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