27. Unix Tutorial – Shell Programming – Until and Select and Nested loop Conditions

Plan Enterprise Resources With ERP

Growth is one of the thumb rules of nature. One can stop his losses but not his growth. Since businesses also grow and enterprises enlarge in terms of turnover, employees, resources, number of offices etc.

The K-12 Quest

Scalability. A popular buzz word, a very important feature because it means you can invest in a system you won’t outgrow.

This Is Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App Right Now!

1. Make sure you enjoy the benefits coming your way as a result of the ongoing smartphone revolution! A smartphone is the today’s smartest device for communication.

Adding Unlimited File Sharing to IBM Notes

IBM Notes has shifted from a normal email client to a social email experience. But although it has various features that help business users to “work smarter and faster,” it has limitations for businesses that have a need to securely and efficiently transfer large files.

What Kind Of Project Management Tools Should Your Project Management System Have?

Truth be told, there are scores of various project management tools out there and no project management software will give you all of them. You may be aware that other than the generic systems, most software applications are specific to a niche. Very few software or systems would have everything that you need, unless you get them customized to meet specific requisites of your business or the types of projects you take up.

Attributes Every Project Management System Should Possess

Every company has a few unique needs to work on its projects. A project management system should cater to those needs. At a generic level, there are certain expectations from any project system.

Copy and Paste Multiple Non-Contiguous Text in Word All At Once

When you are working on a Word document, sometimes you need to move multiple non-contiguous text and/or pictures to the same place. If your document is short, you can cut and paste items one by one, but if your document is a dozen pages long, multiple Cuts & Pastes will be time-consuming and error-prone. Actually, Word has a great but hidden feature, the “Spike”, enabling you to achieve your goal more efficiently.

Ensure Prompt Delivery With UPS Shipping Labels

With the demand for online shopping increasing at an enormous rate, the demand for better customer services have become more significant. With more and more people flocking to online stores to make their purchases, there is a huge line-up of products to be shipped. Online store owners have to be absolutely equipped with a good shipping system to ensure timely delivery of products resulting in customer delight and continuous satisfaction.

Excel Tip – How To Calculate The Number Of Workdays Between Two Dates Using NETWORKDAYS

Is is easy in Excel to calculate the number of working days between two dates. Most, but not all businesses, operations or project activities and progress happen during weekdays. So, if you need to report and calculate the number of days that have elapsed between a start date and an end date of a project or project milestone for example then counting weekends in the calculation is not what you want to do, and you will need to avoid those days in your calculations. It is easy to do in Excel with the NETWORKDAYS function.

Cloud Based Accounting Software for Tracking Financial Health of Your Business

Startup, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as well as the multinational business, are required by the government agencies to comply with the statutory requirement. Some of the businesses merely engage in this activity only because they want comply with the taxation requirements in force. However, recording each financial transactions of the business and then, pouring over the books of accounts has a far-reaching meaning for the business persons. The cloud-based accounting software systems enable them to get a peek at the financial health of their business. That is why it is advisable for them to engage in this activity on the monthly basis and that is where the accounting software comes into the picture.

Billing Software for the Medical Office

With the way technology is always changing and making things easier for us it is no wonder that technology is in the medical office now. Not only does the software make things easier for those who do the actual billing it frees up time for both the office staff and physician.

Benefits of Using Cloud Solutions Software for Small Businesses

When companies are using different types of technology, they will want to make sure that they have everything that they need. Cloud solutions is one of these options that they are going to consider. An IT representative is going to be able to help them decide what is necessary for their small business.

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