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Microsoft Office Error – Fixing the Error Code 30102-11

Some of us would have faced some issues while installing Microsoft Office Program on our computers. Here we discuss how to resolve one of those issues, that is the error message we get while installing Microsoft office. “Error Code 30102-11”.

Selenium Automation – Best Open Source Performance Testing

Selenium automation testing is an open source software testing tool, which comes with great many advantageous features. The article describes some of the best perks of this framework.

The Many Faces of Data Visualization

Data visualization can take many forms. From charts and graphs to complex 3D models, people are finding better ways to work.

The Key Components of an IT Service Level Agreement

Whether you have your IT support services provided by an external organisation or your own in-house IT department, they should be covered by an IT Service Level Agreement (SLA). These agreements can be crudely divided into two categories:

Office 365 – The 7 Steps for a Successful Migration

Once you’ve decided that Office 365 is right for your organization, it’s time to start thinking about the migration process. There’s two ways to do this – by “winging it” or by following a proven process. This article shows you the 7 step process you need to take to ensure your Office 365 migration project is successful.

Excel Tip – Use SUMIFS Formula To Calcuate Sales Volumes Of Products On Promotion

This is a regular scenario that I get asked about on both my newsletter and my website. How to calculate sales of products that are on promotion for a period in time. Using the SUMIFS function this article will explain how to calculate sales volumes with three criteria.

You Cannot Always Blame Consultants for Your ERP Project Failures

When ERP software implementations go astray there is always plenty of blame to go around. In many cases, software vendors and consulting firms take the heat (and lawsuits) for ERP disasters when, in fact, it was the client’s own doing. Any list of the “top five” reasons for ERP failure makes it clear many organizations are their own worst enemy.

A Wide Concept of Email Program Services and Conversion

In today’s thriving web era, all individuals prefer to trial the most effective techniques convoyed with a wide range of features and incredible approaches. To absolutely share information, you can switch from Apple Mail to Outlook and subsequently, you need to convert MBOX to EML.

Using Project Management Software Across Devices

Anyone who even has a cursory knowledge of the internet knows that there are hundreds of computer and mobile programs out there for just about everything you can think of. From the voice activated assistant on your mobile device to numerous mapping programs to hundreds of messenger apps there are multiple options to help out with any project regardless of size. Mobile software Smartphones and tablets are everyone and what better way to monitor and track a project than from your mobile device.

Outlining the Features of Microsoft SharePoint Development

Microsoft SharePoint development is gaining momentum by the day because of its numerous benefits. SharePoint is basically a web platform that allows organizations to stay systematic and organized.

How to Perform Conversion of OLM Files to PST Format?

If you are switching from “Outlook for Mac” to any version of “Windows Outlook”, you would definitely perform OLM to PST conversion. Luckily, there is a manual trick (given in this article) by using which you can import the OLM files from “Outlook for Mac” to Windows Outlook. Though it may take some time, but provides safe and effective results. Read the article for detailed information…

Is All Technology Obsolete After Two Years?

This apparently simple and innocuous question is actually one of the more potentially controversial ones of the modern commercial environment. History of spend – For many decades, within Information Technology it has been assumed that much hardware and software is, broadly speaking, effectively obsolete and in need of replacement after about three years. You can see evidence of this in terms of accounting policy, where many organisations will insist on depreciating IT technical assets over only two or three years as opposed to the five or ten years that may be more normal practice with…

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