A Nifty Way to Make Your Gnome Login Manager More AWESOME! – GDM Settings

The Argument for Absence Tracking Software

Technology has made our lives easier in so many ways. In the world of business, it has empowered us to tackle work much faster and more efficiently.

Benefits And Limitations of iPhone Apps Development

The iPhone has reached the heights of fame post the launch of iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Even users with iPhone 4 have started upgrading their operating system to iOS 6 for their iPhone to be in sync with the technology.

Dedupe: The Way to Go When Removing Double Data From Your PC

To Dedupe is a word that generally refers to the removal or the elimination of duplicate information that might be stored on your computer. The world that we live in today seems to be becoming more dependent upon the use of computers to organize their files and to keep other important documents put away.

What Is Donation Management Software?

As a not-for-profit organization, donations are essential to keeping your organization alive. Many not-for-profit organizations rely on a solid network of donors to provide the bulk of their funding.

New Challenges and Prospects of Website Testing

Website testing has become more complex and involved process with the development of new designing and marketing concepts. Requirements for SEO, high user visibility, and maximum business exposure have led to development of websites with intricate designs, superior technical proficiency, and high functional ability. These features have significantly enhanced the task of website testing engineers and poses myriad challenges before them.

Amazing Android Free Apps: ElectroDroid – All Your Electronics Needs at Hand

This is about a very useful Android application (or ‘app’ in short). The article explains the contents of this amazing free app.

Tips for Avoiding the Major Risks Associated With Offshore Web Development Services

There are various business engagement models that are available to you when you hire a service provider. Some require clients to pay according to the number of man-hours spent on the project while some require clients to pay a predefined amount for the whole project.

Getting Hassle Free Email Support

Yesterday, my sister recounted her experience of technical support and the number of problems she had to face, not to mention the time it took, in order to get a simple email issue resolved. It all started on the night before, my sister wanted to send some family pictures over to a printer in order make custom Thanksgiving greeting cards.

Useful Tips for Successful Party Management With Party Planner Software

No matter if it is small birthday party, an office event, or a grand dinner gala we all organize an event at some point in our lives and wear the hat of a party planner. So, we all have a basic idea about how to plan an event or a party. Still, we do tend to mess up everything at times simply because we do not schedule the tasks properly. Our approach to the entire aspect of event management is often disorganized. Let us look into some useful tips on how to schedule the back-end jobs of party planning with the comprehensive party planner software:

Host an Alumnus Party With the Online Party Planning Software

Holidays are incomplete without the right dose of parties and celebrations; and then, when you have the precious company of your old friends from school and college, the parties become even more enjoyable. However, hosting an alumnus party is not so easy given the large amount of work that you have to undertake in order to arrange everything with perfection and precision. You have to manage registrations, acquire email addresses of your friends and send them invitations, collect their contributions towards the party, book a suitable venue, hire a reliable caterer and do lot more. The best way to manage all these works in a systematic manner is to use the online party planning software.

QA Consulting: Expertise Calls the Shots

The spread of IT across all segments of business now calls for QA consulting by qualified and expert professionals capable of advising on requirements, quality issues, and implementation. Software QA consulting determines the bedrock of the quality process and upholds the consumer trust. It empowers the developers to create robust applications following processes that assure on consistency, quality, timeliness, delivery standard, and no budget overruns.

Web Based Project Management – A General Overview

  Every company requires successful project management in order to succeed. Whether it’s the acquisition of another company, the hiring and training of some new staff, or the development and release of a brand new product, virtually every move a company makes can fall into the ‘project’ category. These projects go through several different stages including planning, presentation for approval, development, implementation, monitoring and managing, and completion.

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