Anonymity In Open Source

Web Load Balancing and Caching 101

A definitive introduction guide to web load balancing & caching. Explains how reverse proxies and other load balancers work.

What Is the Best Way to Choose the Perfect 16 GB Memory Card for Your Device

Whether you’re buying a standard 2GB card or are aiming for a 16GB memory card for a more speedy performance by your device, choosing the right one is pretty important. Although a lot of devices you’ll buy come with their own SD memory cards, all those memory cards just provide you with the standard speed and storage services. In order to gain more sophisticated speed and storage capacity, you need to look for the perfect memory card yourself.

How to Restore a Dell Computer to Its Factory Settings

Since Dell computer restore is a bit sensitive procedure, you should do it carefully and step by step. The below mentioned guide will help you factory restore Dell computer and start afresh with it.

Plagiarism Checker Brings End to an Era

Back in the 80s, a lot of movies came out about a slacker student who, instead of writing his own papers, paid to use a paper already written by a previous student. Once turned in, the teacher may have been surprised at this student’s academic prowess, but usually did not question whether or not the student actually wrote the paper.

How to Succeed in Selling the Cloud

One of my pet peeves is a sales person that hasn’t mastered their topic. Most of the time, when a sales person tries to pitch to me for on a product or service, as a potential customer (I guess in the eyes of the sales person at least), I always try to take them off-the-beaten track.

Watch Your MTS Video on Computer or Any Portable Devices

Are you confused with how to play the MTS videos on your PC or portable devices? With the free MTS video converter, you can easily convert MTS files to other popular video formats that can be played on your PC or portable devices.

Latest iPad Firmware IOS 5.1 IPSW

The latest iPad firmware iOS 5.1 is full of new features and has a very user friendly interface, great features, and amazing stability, and is the foundation of the iPad. And even as other phones try to catch up, the technologies and features built into iOS 5.1 keeps the ipad way in front of any competitors.

Best Web Browsers: RockMelt Review

RockMelt is a free web browser that focuses on Google Search and social media. This browser was built on Google’s Chromium browser framework, so it’s fast and versatile. It takes a new approach to web browsing, making it easier to stay in touch with your friends and your favorite social websites.

Why Is Having Information About Customer Relationship Transactions So Important To Every Business?

Businesses need information in order to make key decisions and this is especially true when it comes to the area of sales and marketing. If you are not measuring this then you will lose customers to your competitors. A CRM system will help.

Best Web Browsers: Avant Browser Review

Avant Browser uses the Internet Explorer engine, but comes with many other features that can be customized to fit your particular needs. It is a fast, stable, and versatile web browser with excellent multilingual features and lots of handy tools.

The New Age Security System

The advent of science over the last hundred years or so has taken the human civilization to its zenith. More categorically to say, the last couple of decades have been the magical spell of man’s courtship with science.

Embedded Software Development Explained

Embedded software is a kind of software that is built into hardware systems and is designed to perform specific functions. Modern devices which are stuffed with different functions are full of embedded software solutions – that is why they are so helpful.

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